The Vent: Underage Gaming

DualShockers Writes:

"Another week goes by, another event to Vent. That's right "kiddies", this week in The Vent I am going to talk about underage gaming. Given, we all played games as little kids when they were meant to be played by an older audience. Some of us knew by the age of ten what death looked like and some of us got to see our fair share of breasts, way before given the birds and the bees story. And as we grew up, games have evolved, but one would imagine that the people would have evolved as well, am I correct? That theory went down the shitter as kids nowadays seem to be more idiotic in games they shouldn't be playing to begin with..."

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BROOKLYN N-M-E3100d ago

to everything this guy just said!

iiprotocolii3100d ago

He said your mother prefers milk with the taste of semen. But ok.

Anyway, the author makes some great valid points on underage gaming. But, man, there is nothing better than hearing the sweet cries of children while you beat their behind in "game title here".

iiprotocolii3100d ago

They should make an age server system where, depending on the person's age, they are transferred to the appropriate server. That way, adults won't have to deal with the crap kids spew and vise versa.

Grevan3100d ago

I hate kids...period.