Gamestek: WET Review

Nick Akerman writes, "When Quentin Tarantino unleashed Kill Bill into cinemas, it didn't take a genius to note that the limb-splitting premise would make an awesome video game. As of now, the chance of The Bride appearing on our screens as a playable character look as likely as Taylor Swift recording backing vocals for the new Kanye West album. And just like Mr West, Artificial Mind and Movement, the developers behind the questionably named WET, love to get angry. In fact, their willingness to lock heroine Rubi Malone up and force her to disembowel endless streams of burly men underlines their thirst for crimson. Hidden kinkiness aside, Rubi's first showing is dangerously more familiar than expected, often forcing one to acknowledge how far a product can imitate scenes from previously successful media without the heavy hand of the law slapping it towards originality."

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