PS2 on PSN - are we being shafted?

In light of the recent Sega doc leak, specifically news that Sony wants to put PS2 games on PSN, Gameswire questions Sony's change of stance on backwards compatibility. Was dropped because of cost? Do people really not care about playing old games? And if so, why does Sony think it can sell them?

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yoghurt3252d ago

I actually think its a good idea. If they cannot feasibly do it via firmware or whatever, then this is a good means of giving people the OPTION to buy ps2 games and play them on the ps3

WildArmed3252d ago

Next up:
Xbox games on Xbox Marketstore - are we being shafted?

I dont know how this even came up.
Sony is just doing fan-service. I love the option to buy xbox games on my 360.
And would love that on my ps3 too.

Genesis53252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

Well people buy PS1 games off PSN why not PS2 games. Some classics are hard to find and it would be nice to have that option.

I have about 120 PS2 games and a fully BC 60 gig PS3. I rarely ever play PS2 games on it. I still have my PS2 hooked up to another TV that I do that on.

SWORDF1SH3252d ago

if you want to play your PS2 collection then keep your PS2.

Adding PS2 games to the PSN would be a great service.

I've never played any of the ICO's and would love to.

Here's some more I want to play;
Okami (spelt similiar, not sure)
Replay MGS2 and 3

I know there's more but yeah those would be a must but for me.

Marceles3252d ago

lol skv, no the 360 gonna be totally ignored, but PS2 games on the PSN? Everyone is gonna be OUTRAGED all of a sudden...what's wrong with the people that make these articles up?

Are we getting shafted for the Wii virtual console and paying 10 bucks for Super Mario Bros? We can just say the Wii should've had a cartridge slot that we have to blow in to play those games. There's PS1 games on PSN, there wasn't a "shafted" article for least not that I can remember. Anyways...stupid article to even write to begin with. Sorry Gameswire but...yeah, dumb.

Christopher3252d ago

No, because it's obvious that the issues they've had with software emulation revolve around the easier capability of people to crack the games so that they could be widely distributed across PS3s.

Yes, because they could offer up an alternative console with emulation and the necessary price tag for the option.

No, as long as the re-releases include 720p HD upgrades and offer trophies as well as the ability to use many of the integrated features of the PS3.

Yes, because they are planning to make more money off of the same game you may already own.

No, because you could just buy a PS2 for $100 and never have to rebuy any of your games.

There's too many pros and cons to the whole situation, honestly.

BattleAxe3252d ago

Heres the thing, if you didn't jump on board when the PS3 had backwards compatibility, then you're out of luck. But if you have a PS3 without BC then chances are you already have a PS2 and you're just going to play your PS2 games on your PS2.

BC doesn't matter if they remaster the PS2 games they put on the PSN, just like the God Of War Collection. If I could play those games in 720p and have trophy support, I would buy them again because it would be like playing a whole new game again.

Imagine, SOCOM 2 remastered at 720p and trophies......frickin awesome!

rockleex3252d ago

Because I have a fully BC 60GB PS3.

I can play any PS2 game I want.

But I'm still going to buy the God of War Collection because of 720p, 60fps, AA, and Trophy support. ^_^

IdleLeeSiuLung3252d ago

If PS2 game functionality would be offered on PSN, then there is no reason it can't be implemented to play from disc. In which case, if they do NOT allow discs to be played, then YES!

SoapShoes3252d ago

If they released PS2 games on the PSN there would need to be BC on all PS3s. They aren't going to spend the time remastering every game released.

ThanatosDMC3252d ago

Never played Ico and im curious about it. Drakan: the Ancient Gates would be a nice game to have.

Also, Vagrant Stories is out on Japan PSN. Saw it while i was looking for info about future Armored Core games.

It'd be great to just download GoW collection via PSN though. Also, i would like for a PS3 remake of MGS3, which is the best MGS game IMO.

Tony P3252d ago

It's a pretty fair question.

@Marceles: Virtual console handles games far older than last gen. And unlike the other two Wii in fact plays ALL Gamecube games.

PS3 (and 360 for that matter) has had trouble offering that kind of compatibility. With PS3 you could have full or limited BC...but only if you find the "right" machine which is sadly no longer produced. Any 360 past or present can play Xbox original games because it's handled by software emulation...but far from all titles are emulated and they no longer update the listings.

Also, PS3 doesn't shaft PS1 game owners by offering digital downloads of those games. Because iirc every PS3 has PS1 BC. So it's just a matter of choice.

It's not the same deal with PS2 stuff.


Great points.

Rebuying is what offends me personally. But for me, the best way to alleviate the sting is to offer collections wherever possible. Sony with blu-ray is in the best position to do that.

DaTruth3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

Wonder what the chances are of PSP scaling. With the 333mhz enabled, could it be possible? But I don't really know the hardware differences between the PS2 and PSP!

But ya, just saying it would be awesome!

I've bought four PS1 games off the PSN store and have plans for four more! I really only got back into gaming about 2 yrs before the PS2 released, so I didn't get many PS1 games!

mrjudd3252d ago

i only care about san andreas, i want it so bad

jadenkorri3252d ago

"PS2 on PSN - are we being shafted?"

I don't recall ever seeing

"Xbox on live - are we being shafted?"

Aren't 360 users doing the same right now, dling xbox games and playing them on the 360, why does sony take heat over this when 360 users get a free ride.

Tony P3252d ago

"Aren't 360 users doing the same right now, dling xbox games and playing them on the 360, why does sony take heat over this when 360 users get a free ride."

Not the same thing actually. All Xbox Originals are based on games that are fully backwards compatible in disc form. So if you happen to own the disc, you have the choice. It's the exact same situation with PS1 games right now.

NewZealander3252d ago

well i only just got the slim, and after playing MGS4 i would love the option to go back and buy some of the ps2 games, but theres no point, and if they do add BC by that time i probably wont be able to find the games i wanted to get.

i is a pain in the @ss, i would rather own the retail version of games.

ps3 is a great console in its own right, but no BC sucks.

jadenkorri3252d ago

ok granted, but all it says is that they want to sell all ps2 titles on the psn network.... nothing about owning the disc version on whether you can play it or not... to me it seems they will be adding software emulation for ps2 finally to the other skus that don't have it... this is good news, and i highly doubt sony would do what this stupid article is saying, let alone this article have any god there selling ps1 games on it, i bought ff7 and own the freaking disc which worked long before it came to the psn...

anyone else notice no authors name considering they have no proof of this and is all hearsay.... What ever happened to true gamer journalism... now its all this fanboy crap we have to deal with.

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Maddens Raiders3252d ago

a well thought out article was ruined by lack of knowledge at the beginning,
1.)"Following on from the massive popularity of the PlayStation, the PS2 quickly took the baton and ran with it..."

--- we all know it wasn't easy for the PS2 to get going, similarly to the triple of today....and remember - it's not like the PS1 was as prolific as the PS2 is today when it launched. The metrics have completely changed for SNE, since the PS2 is a beast, and the real beast (PS3) has a heavy challenge in knocking it's older brother from the crown. The metrics have changed with this succession, therefore, making SNE change their tactics when it comes to BC

...and silly immaturity, if not downright naivety at the end,
2.)"If they can't be put to use in the PS3, and as such PS2's can't be part-exchanged against PS3's, then perhaps people will choose the cheaper 360 instead, and surely Microsoft has enough of last-gen's market as it is, eh Sony......?"

--- just a silly and poorly thought out statement

============================= ===================

Truly baffling, and idiotic statements to say the least, but it doesn't take away from the overarching question here, which is what in the world is SNE really up to? For a person who spends a tonne on dlc, disc based games, and PSN offering, I don't want to be part of an experiment that is using "us" as guinea pigs based on a lie.

I believe and continue to believe that all PS3's are "PS2 capable" - obviously the bc models notwithstanding (why are there PS2 memory card creators on the non 60GB and 80GB's?). Just like we were told that gamers don't want or care about rumble, I believe Tokyo is up to something on this one and it's going to be one of those..."hey look what we were able to do!" type things...with a FW 4.00 update. Of course this would all come at the cost of the PS2 being killed off, and nearly all if not most of the PS2 games being made non-existent for retail purchase somehow. But guess what...if you haven't bought a PS2 up until now...I guess it wouldn't matter anyway. In the end Sony gets what it wants.

gameangel3252d ago

Compared to the Dreamcast, the PS2's only real competition at the time, it got off to a flier. And you can't deny backwards compatibility made the choice to go from PSone to PS2 (rather than to DC or even Xbox or GC) more compelling - something that's not an issue any more. The point that was being made at the end, perhaps not as eloquently as it should have been.

Maddens Raiders3252d ago

game angel if this is your work. I was a bit harsh from the outset, but it's nothing personal. All I was stating is that it wasn't as easy as people make it out to be that the PS2 took off and never looked back. The GC DC and XBox were all formidable and posed a roadblock to SNE in capturing the market share which we all know now as history, but things had to fall in line for them surely. From the collapse of the Sega (DC) and increased popularity of CD, backers of the state of the art (EA, R*, and PD) to the downfall of the GC - the PS2's road to glory took many twists and turns.

Now as far as people turning completely away in disgust to the PS3 and PS2 (in light of the recent BC fuss) and choosing the (lower priced) 360, that was unforgivable and made me chuckle a little, but overall the thoughts conveyed are more than worthy of discussion.


Bodyboarder_VGamer3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

The PS2 took the #1 spot so easily that even IGN thought the PS2 was doomed since launch... Just like the PS3.

And that's just one of the many anti-PS2 articles that you could find at IGN at that time but I can't find any of the others because they have been deleted. In fact, just read the final paragraph and you'll understand why so many fanboys say that IGN was so biased against the Playstation franchise. They even bash the DVD format, just like a lot of sites have done with the blu-ray. They have always loved the Xbox brand more than the Playstation and the same with lots of other sites.

It have never been easy for Sony to be #1, it is just that they got kinda lucky and the masses could saw through the BS from all these sites. And the same will happen with the PS3. Just watch how it'll get to be #1 again.

Sorry if I got too carried away but I'm a Playstation fanboy. =D

Berserk13252d ago

correction:xbox gams on xbot live -are we being shafted?

AliTheBrit3252d ago

Wait, your calling Xbox Live games being shafted?

Explain or your comment is fail.

RAM MAGNUMS3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

secondly, ps2 is $99 dollars.
thirdly, if you have ps2 games already, wheres your ps2?
4thly, if you want ps2 games badly enough why not charge for em on psn? didnt you just buy dlc for $60? not enough demand for bc as proven with the early sales of ps3. if anyone can remember it was all about a price drop a week ago.

we argued this already. we all thought it was stupid for a person to even feel shafted. turns out, the person complaining is lazy, a dollar short and a day too late.

IdleLeeSiuLung3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

Yes, the PS2 is $99, but the accessories add up. Extra controller and a memory card is gonna set you back another $50 easily for a total of $150+tax.

The chip to do this probably costed Sony $10. Personally, I would rather pay $50 rather than $150 to play them upscaled. Many people (people that do not frequent this site or a lot of gaming news site for instance) did not realize that BC was removed.

Unfortunately, the PS3 launched at an unfavorable price point compared to their competitors.

DaTruth3252d ago

Um, if your PS2 broke, it is not likely that all your controllers, memory cards and accessories broke too at the same time, so that point makes little sense. And if you never had a PS2, then BC makes absolutely no sense for you!

IdleLeeSiuLung3251d ago

Why not?

I mean because I never owned a PS2, it no longer makes sense for me to want to buy a physical product as opposed to a digital one? There are plenty of people that prefer physical products, not to mention cheaper used products. What about discrepancies in pricing between digital and disc versions (alas Games on Demand)?

There are plenty of reasons to want BC. After all, I spent quite a bit of money on the console in the first place!!!

Dutch Boogie3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

LOL you wanna talk about being shafted, let's bring back the topic of how M$ is charging $100 AUS for Mass Effect (a 2yr old game) on the xboxlive Marketplace. Not to mention also $50 for Call of Duty 2 (3 yr old pos). If anything i'd say Sony is just catering to those who wish to experience the ps2 games they maybe missed out on last gen.

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