New NBA Live 10 Producer Video Featuring Authentic Player and Team Style

Gametactics has the latest video for the upcoming NBA Live 10 featuring authentic player and team styles in the game. The game is due out on October 6th 2009.

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Chubear3101d ago

Dont' care what anyone says, the developers on this game have done an incredible job. All the hating is BS crap.

I prefer 2k over Live cause it's style of play is more authentic feeling but Live offers a different feel to gameplay that's more dynamic (user friendly wise) and it's cool for those that like that kind of flow to their gameplay.

No more hating, Live is indeed fantastic. It all just boils down to what you want YOUR play style feel to be. Either Authentic feel like 2K or more dynamic flare like Live. You go choose and enjoy this great sport on your HDtv how YOU want to.