2 Days 2 Vegas still alive - New Screens & Details

Gamestar recently posted an interview with Timothy Dwoskin, CEO of Steel Monkeys. The website is in russian, so the google translation isn't very good. If you want to read the full interview, go to the second link.

Visit the first link however to check all the new screenshots. Some of the ones posted via the first link aren't even located in the Gamestar gallery.

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Fishy Fingers3136d ago

Looks alright, I'm rather surprised. I presume these are PC screens as the very last shows "Press E to use object".

Jpinter3136d ago

Yeah. They are PC screens, however according to the interview, the "Steel Engine" allows them to develop the title across all three platforms (PS3, Xbox 360, and PC) seamlessly, similar to CryEngine 3.

The first had to build the engine and debug any kinks. Now I think they are just working on the game and we'll see a lot of fine tuning in the next year. I really hope they can get a publisher I would love to see how expansive and free-roaming all the cities are.

We already know that New York and Las Vegas are two complete cities players can move around in.

Jpinter3136d ago

Look at the difference in character models jacket though between November 08 and the new screenshots:

Image 1 = Nov 08
Image 2 = Sept 09

I did not murder him3136d ago

Looks alright? You've seen pics of a sandbox game that looks better?

Please provide links.

Dellis3136d ago

Kill it with Fire

I remember the hype this got off those CG screens

then we seen actual gameplay from VGE and it looked wack

Dellis3136d ago

Now that I look again, this will probably be

like that horror ATARI game,

it looks just like that.

arakouftaian3136d ago

they are 2 days aways from las vegas LOL

foxtheory3136d ago

But seriously, if at least one part doesn't take place in Vegas, that'll be a little wierd...

Jpinter3136d ago

They game takes place over quite a few cities. The whole point is that you are traveling to Vegas cross country.