Atelier Rorona Bound for Europe

Atelier Rorona: Alchemist of Arland is Gust's first 3D RPG for the PlayStation 3, and so far has only been released in Japan. However, it would appear that Atelier Rorona will be coming to Europe sometime in 2010. Atelier Rorona will feature a turn-based battle system, an alchemy system for creating items, stunning 3D graphics and multiple endings

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Berserk13248d ago

coming exclusively on ps3 entertainment system.

vhero3247d ago

I honestly cannot wait for this title I love the other Atelier games and this is probably my most anticipated RPG right now.

Blackcanary3247d ago

yeah i know what u mean and this game looks really good to. now that Sony are on a roll with the Slim PS3 ur gonna a lot more RPG's coming are way just like how it was with the PS2.

TheColbertinator3248d ago

Not a fan of alchemy RPGs.Good luck to Gust either way