PS Blog: UNCHARTED 2 Interview with Naughty Dog Plus Behind-the-Scenes on X-Play Tonight

Official Playstation blog:
"You might remember back at PAX, we sent out a Tweet asking what you'd want to ask Naughty Dog Creative Director Amy Hennig about UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves. Well, we had an overwhelming response to say the least, and in this interview Amy touches on everything from the game's adventure aspects to the power of the PS3 to crispy veggie bacon. Don't ask, just watch."

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WildArmed3250d ago

wow.. by that standard, all the games you have ever played in your life are flops.

I'm glad logic isnt dead >_>

Karlnag33250d ago

that isn't a word... but I have 4 that definately are!
Game of the year.

Cregan45843250d ago

People at Naughty Dog are awesome. I played with one of the developers last night on the demo. They have a Naughty Dawg paw print insignia on their name in the game. He was good, but my party beat his in a game on Plunder and Chain Reaction. He said two maps will come out around the time the game launches and four more down the road.

whothedog3250d ago

Nice interview. Anticipation +5.

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