Video Game Henchmen Job Applications

Gamespy writes: "Most prospective bad guys join the videogame henchman business because their families need medical insurance and no one else is hiring Octorocks. Nobody wants to become a henchman. Even when a henchman is laughing at you because they've been programmed to laugh every third cycle of the boss battle, they're also crying. Snakes don't belong in Alaska... but tears certainly do."

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markfrost3255d ago

I could use a few Goombas.

See what I did there.

YME12803255d ago

The Linda with the whip is awesome. Good luck with smashing Billy, Abobo!

dicktrickles3255d ago

I don't even want to think about where Goomba had to stick the pen to write his application.

markfrost3255d ago

Up its goomba!

*dun nah nuh*

Overmind4203255d ago

I need to hire some random mid-level goons that will only half-ass the goals I set them. I just don't have the money to really hire the henchman I want or need. :(

markfrost3255d ago

Will work for mushrooms.