MotorStorm: Arctic Edge Review at CheatCC

CheatCC says, "All in all, this is a great title, not only for the PSP, but in general. Players will really enjoy all the polish that has gone into the game, the quality tracks, the different vehicles, the varied game modes, multiplayer and leaderboard support, all the unlockables, etc. The only thing that seems to hold this game back is the hardware itself, as controlling this title is challenging due to the less-than-ergonomic design of the PSP. If you are a person that leads more towards arcade racing, skip Gran Turismo and give Arctic Edge a try instead."

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remanutd553252d ago

portable LUNATICS UNITE!!!! see you all online on oct 1st

SoapShoes3252d ago

But still a good score indeed. Looking forward to both, but GT more.

v1c1ous3252d ago

that cheatcc is actually still alive....

PoSTedUP3252d ago

i sware i was just thinking, when i seen the site name that: i started going to cheatcc since i was in elementary school. i am now in college. they are veterans!

bjornbear3252d ago

it IS amazing! However, that logo still brings back memories =P...

nice review =)