Microsoft: "We will absolutely have some new stuff to show in Tokyo"

SCRAWL: "Microsoft will not be holding a press conference such as Sony is doing this year at the Tokyo Game Show, however, Aaron Greenberg has confirmed that they'll be bringing at least some new things to the show."

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CreepyB3218d ago

i knew it, six new halo games.

dreamcast3218d ago

A Halo RPG would be funny.

starchild3218d ago

PS3 fanboys love to whine about Halo. Wah, wah, wah.

54percent3217d ago

because it's the only thing the failbox has, halo.

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KionicWarlord2223218d ago


Bring us some jrpgs !

Alcon Caper3218d ago

I'm still dreaming of Magic Carpet for Natal. C'mon, Peter! Bring it back!

Anyway, I hope it's Having an online radio playing while playing games would be pretty terrific. We haven't heard much about its addition to Live in a while. Let's hope for something good.

Magna Carta looks amazing. I'm sure there will be lots of coverage on that particular JRPG.

Anyway, I'm really excited. They haven't released information about new titles in a while. They're a bit overdue, which makes for some interesting ground to gain.

KionicWarlord2223218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

That would be good to use during games .

If we compare last year Ms announced a halo game and a jrpg .

Spike473218d ago

I'm guessing they'll announce some games. Sadly the xbox360 is still struggling in japan, maybe Natal will pick up the sales.

Alcon Caper3218d ago

I wonder if they'll reveal DX11 to be compatible with the 360.

That would be the biggest bomb of all.

ShabzS3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

the "partial" dx 11 compatibility or any of the tesselation stuff would be better suited at a gdc or something ... for tgs a jrpg is the way to go ... i honestly wouldnt expect anything major

mdt hunter3218d ago

i hope for a new Mistwalker jrpg

Double Toasted3218d ago

footsteps...and hearts pounding...GET TO THE CHOPPA!!!!

Fishy Fingers3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

It's true the 360s ATI GPU could support tessellating but it is just one aspect of Dx11 (although how well remains to be seen being such an old chipset). It certainly doesnt and wont ever support Dx11.

Consoldtobots3218d ago

yeah MS answered that one about two years back, the 360 GPU IS NOT DX11 capable.

gaffyh3218d ago

As long as they announce a new Mistwalker RPG that is either LO2 or something similar to LO2 and NOT that pile of crap Blue Dragon, I'll be happy.

Jsynn73218d ago

Maybe they'll unveil a Halo JRPG since they like creating them for Japanese gamers. They've already got the Halo anime so it wouldn't be so shocking. That'll win M$ Japan for sure! /sar

Ninji3218d ago

JRPGs don't sell on the 360.

foxtheory3218d ago

Maybe I can actually get some new 360 games!!! The only ones right now that interest me are Mass Effect 2, Alan Wake, and Halo Reach. The announcement of Gears 3 and a new good IP would make me happy. Just get some AAA's out there, because Sony is kicking your ass right now!!

Dragun6193218d ago

I'm gonna guess there going to show

Kingdom Under Fire 2
Ninety Nine Nights 2
And maybe a new Mistwalker game
Other than that, there's not much to expect til next E3.

foxtheory3218d ago

I totally forgot about Ninety Nine Nights 2. Yeah, they'll definitely show that one.

ThanatosDMC3218d ago

Did you know that Magic Carpet was also on PS1??? I downloaded it off some site and installed it on my PSP and it worked to my amazement.

FACTUAL evidence3218d ago

Exclusively, (timed exclusive)so Sony can fuq us over and get better content as usual!!

Bnet3433218d ago

I want a good JRPG on the 360. I only have Blue Dragon.

Poopface the 2nd3218d ago

I REALLY hope that they show the new game taht ITAGAKI is working on. Sure some people hate the guy, but I have nothing but respect for the guy who fathered NG. NG are some of my favorite games ever, and Im looking forward to a new IP from him. Im pretty sure it will be challenging, and thets a good thing in the days of games taht are way too easy.

calis3217d ago

"Having an online radio playing while playing games would be pretty terrific."

Yeah...that's why I have a proper radio.

pixelsword3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

...with a side-order of Halo Reach.


NewZealander3217d ago

ill be happy with lost oddessey 2 or blue dragon 2, but who knows maybe we will finally see perfect dark 2, im not getting my hopes up for anything too big though.

kewlkat0073217d ago

I still wouldn't mind a new one while I wait...

MmaFanQc3217d ago

a console that will not break.....

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Berserk13218d ago


2-halo dlc

3-another halo game (milk milk)

4-ninja blade 2

5-halo anime

6-malt platgames.

FiftyFourPointTwo3218d ago

New game = Halo: The Misadventures of Master Queef

Natsu X FairyTail3218d ago

I'd like to see some Real EXCLUSIVE japanese RPG...

TheColbertinator3218d ago

Since Namco and Square Enix have a history of backstabbing Sony and Microsoft,we should get an exclusive Mistwalker RPG

Syronicus3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

Why would anybody be excited about exclusive RPG's? Would it not be best for the developer to have multiplatform revenue rather than a smaller net income due to exclusivity?


To those who disagree... What has been the case for RPG's in Japan for the 360? They do not sell and are slightly mediocre. Not all but the majority of them. Now, knowing that RPG's sell well ont he PS3 and not the 360, they should be more excited about the RPG's that are developed for the PS3 and then ported as in the past, ports of this kind are done well and look and play great on both consoles. Only a fanboy with the IQ of a house plant would wish for exclusivity. It's just a stupid argument.

red2tango3218d ago

PS3 exclusives do amazing sales wise in Japan. So in your case, the only exclusives that struggle in Japan are those for the 360.

TheBlackSmoke3218d ago

Every single exclusive jrpg has bombed on the 360 so far. Square and namco took the money from microsoft at a time when PS3 was still establishing itself, but now it would be suicide to not release any future jrpgs on the PS3.

Dragun6193218d ago

Anyone wanna guess when Magna Carta 2 comes out for PS3?

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