Planet Xbox 360: Trials HD Review

Planet Xbox 360 writes: "On the surface, Trials HD has a ridiculously terrible title. After you sit down with it for even a few tracks, it turns out it is incredibly accurate name for the gorgeous time trial racer. Trials HD is built on a very simple concept. You control a motorcycle through a 2D track, with plenty of explosives and jumps along the way. The physics-heavy gameplay forces you to constantly monitor both the speed of the bike and the posture of its rider, leaning him forward and back on the bike as the situation dictates. The game spreads its levels through five difficulty levels, and you spend the first half of them just learning how to properly feather the gas and lean your rider through the ramp-heavy warehouse. Once you break into the Hard difficulty, you are forced to figure out how to use your arsenal of carefully executed flips to drive around obstacles that block your path."

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