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Vooks: Punch-Out Review

Vooks writes: "All in all, Punch-Out!! is probably the most fun I've had with my Wii for a long time but, as with most killer Wii titles, it's missing one thing-online play. A perplexing decision considering that Next Level's pedigree includes Mario Strikers Online, but either way, the game is still rather enjoyable with a lot of content that is sure to please both old and new fans alike. Probably one of the games that you should look at investing in, even if it's available at only one retailer here." (Punch Out!! Wii, Punch-Out!!, Wii) 9/10

specialguest  +   2171d ago
Kinda late to the party aren't we?
Cyrus365  +   2171d ago
Remember this is from Australia, they get games later than we do.

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