Top Five Playstation 2 Games of Autumn 2009

Associated Content: Closing in on its ninth birthday, the Playstation 2 is beginning to show signs of the end with new releases few and far between in 2009. The popular system is still doing relatively well in terms of hardware sales thanks in large part to the price drop to $99.99 earlier this year. The library for the rest of 2009 looks solid as well.

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MajorJackHoff3248d ago

Playstation 2 games?

...Who the hell cares?

Panthers3248d ago

The tens of millions who have not upgraded to a PS3. Sony really does support their consoles for a long time.

MajorJackHoff3248d ago

Yeah, I know they do.

But seriously, the next gen consoles have been out for a few years now. I think it's time those tens of millions bought a DVD player instead of using VHS.

Kornholic3248d ago

CCJackHoff, you're an ass.

bjornbear3248d ago

who cares?! Only gamers that respect one of the best consoles EVER...I myself am curious, got mine sitting here unused, js wanted t see what its been up to =)

Tell me another console thats been around and sold as much for this long, and i'll shut up =)

Show credit where its due...

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dredgewalker3248d ago

There are still 3rd world countries who are unable to avail of online service and customer support. Plus most people there find the current consoles prices too be too high for their budget and would rather buy a system where they can play pirated games. It is a reality that is hard for some people to understand so be grateful you are able to play these current consoles. Plus Sony did promise to support the ps2 for ten years and support means games will still come out of it.

MajorJackHoff3248d ago

Honestly, I think those 3rd world countries have a lot more they should be worrying about than what game to buy for their outdated PS2..

dredgewalker3248d ago

They do but like the rest of us gamers, games are a big stress reliever and helps them go to another place away from their reality in the meantime.

McLuvn3248d ago

10 year life cycle confirmed.

jaz350z3248d ago

Just another reason Sony is the better Console Maker
They support their consoles, they don't take the old console off the market so you have to buy the new one.

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It only does everything