Sony: The key to "all digital device" is education

Destructoid: Yesterday you had the opportunity to read my interview with Eric Lempel, Director of PlayStation Operations and Strategis Planning. Yes, I know that he isn't exactly the biggest name in the company, but he's pretty damn important. He helps decide how our content gets to us, so respect the man.

However, he wasn't the only Sony exec I had the opportunity to speak to. I also had the chance to speak with John Koller, Director of Hardware Marketin. He's one of the more important people behind the launch of the PSPgo, and he's the man to go to when there is a question that needs to be answered. And so I did.

Follow the jump, and you'll get some solid, and interesting responses to some questions I asked, as well as the future Sony hopes to take the PSPgo and PSN. It's an interesting side of the dtory we don't noremally get to see.

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3252d ago
Blaze9293251d ago

Why is no one asking what they plan to do with PSP owners who own UMDs. My guess is the PSP Go isnt for them or else they need to completely ditch their old library.

f7897903251d ago

Sony doesn't want to even be asked that.

D4RkNIKON3251d ago

lol that is a great question, but I plan to keep my current psp for that reason. I might end up getting the go for the bluetooth because I bet they will add some cool features that will take advantage of this. Although is there even a reason for a bluetooth headset? I mean the go has a built in mic.. Hmmm

deadreckoning6663251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

The PSP Go is a great portabable machine, but the price ill stand in its way. Also, I don't wanna speak for everyone, but I don't think any NEW PS3 owner ill be willing to buy a $250 PSP Go just to play PSN Classics on the road when they can just as easily play it on the PS3 itself.

This isn't even mentioning the fact that it has to deal with the new ipod touch which serves pretty well as a gaming device if ya get it hacked. My friend has EVERY genesis game on his touch.

JackBNimble3251d ago

That sony gives Destructoid the time of day considering the damaging editorials and blogs that Jim Sterling writes.

Tony P3251d ago

Yeah, but you can't view them through the lens of N4G.

Controversy and sensationalism reigns supreme here so while Destructoid's many tamer articles get some acknowledgement, Jim Sterling's rage gets 1000 degrees every time.

The Great Melon3251d ago

People just enjoy something physical to see and touch. As long as there are physical copies of games being released, the public and I will probably feel that they are missing something in the psp. It's almost like I have the assurance that even if my system breaks I still have the game disc that I can use in another device. This view is slightly irrational, because the disc could break. This is a non issue for digital games.

Many people might be more accepting if they could still buy a case like they did for the game Patapon 2. You get the best of both worlds in that situation.

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