2Old2Play: ODST: The Quick and Dirty Review

2Old2Play writes: "You sure won't be able to accuse our review of being long-winded, but here it is. Quick, in your face and sorta running counter to most the other reviews that are out there. And this from a guy who pretty much hated the Halo 3 campaign.

I got the game a little earlier than advertised so me and 3 friends were able to Co-op campaign on Legendary and 6.5 hours later we finished the fight. I've slept for all of about five hours so here are my quick thoughts on the game."

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Squall Leonhart3196d ago

lol is this game site ?????????????????????????????.

So Easy I Can Do It3196d ago

is right, like 90% of the reviews

Syronicus3196d ago

Horribly generous. Sorry, but the game is definitely not worth a 9. Perhaps 7 or 8 would have been closer to the real deal here.