Mole spills holiday 360 bundle as Microsoft begins $50 rebate - Rumor

ARS: At the end of August, Microsoft confirmed what we've known for months: the 120GB XBox 360 Elite would be seeing a price drop to $300. Sure, the new system won't include high-definition cables of any kind, but what's the price of an HDMI cable between friends? While Microsoft claimed this price drop had been in the works for months and wasn't a reaction to Sony's own price reduction and hardware redesign, another wrinkle has been added to the pricing story.

The Mole has also chimed in with some more info on Microsoft's plans. Starting in the middle of October we'll be seeing an Elite system bundled with copies of both Pure and Lego Batman, giving you a little more value for your $300 through Christmas.

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DixieNormS3220d ago

Kung Fu Panda and Lego Indiana Jones. By the way, Pure is a great game.