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Modus of writes, "We always complain here that we'd love nothing more than an X-Wing revival complete with modern graphics, expanded multiplayer capability, and updated network code. So it stings so bitter like salt in a wound every time we see another LucasArts project roll out that isn't a new X-Wing game."

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edgeofblade3249d ago

I give my vote for an X-wing revival, but why simply revive the old content when you can build a new and improved version? It would be great if the old missions ran on the new engine too, but the series needs to continue, not just dredge up the old.

What I really want to see is a full war simulation. Your fleet makes moves in battlegroups, and you get to jump in the c0ckpit (evidently i can't say c0ck) for actual battles. It would be so much fun to catch a poorly guarded star destroyer, pump it full of ion, and bring in your boarding party. Suddenly, it's YOUR ISD.

Please excuse the faux-design geekout session, but I felt like, in this day and age, we could do SO much more.

Moduserous3249d ago

Agreed. I still play X-Wing Alliance to this day through Hamachi.

RedDragan3248d ago

I think we will now see a new X-Wing game.

With Frontier Developments annoucing that a new Elite game is in production, I think we can expect a few space based games arriving.

I may be a little off the mark here, but I think the Studio's wrre awaiting to hear if Braben was going to do it before starting anything themselves. Because it is Elite that will ultimately revive the space game genre.

karan86243248d ago

X-Wing, Battlefront 3, KOTOR 3