Planet Xbox 360: Shadow Complex Review

Planet Xbox 360 writes: "What exactly is meant by the term "shadow complex"? If this were a college psychiatry lecture, it would probably be a synonym for the fear of the night, noctiphobia. Or it may be the exact opposite and attribute to one's adoration to the love of night life in general. Whatever the case may be, it's fairly certain that after gamers play Chair Entertainment and Epic Games' Shadow Complex, they will run out and profess their love of all things dark to anyone that will listen. That's right; Shadow Complex is the must-have Xbox Live Arcade title of the year that caps-off the brilliant Summer of Arcade promotion sponsored by Microsoft. The developers merged next-generation graphics and storytelling with classic side-scrolling gameplay to create one of the best downloadable video game's we have ever had the joy of playing through. For those gamers coming in blind to the world of Shadow Complex and know not a single thing about the fantastic side-scroller, here is a short run-down of what the title is all-about."

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