Action Games - Lose The Token Plot

TheGameReviews writes: "There is no better example of the token attempts at plot than each and every Tekken game, ever since they decided to add the confusing Tekken Force mode. Essentially, Tekken Force takes you through what can only be described as an old-school, arcade-like series of stages where you ultimately end up fighting someone like Heihachi or whomever happens to be behind the latest dastardly plot. The transition between regular gameplay and the Tekken Force mode is often jarring, and with the way that completing the game with different characters is handled makes for an ever-increasingly confused plot. For example, Jin has a completely contradictory ending to Kazuya. The entire game has an understood mythos with the Mishima clan's history, Heihachi being Jin's grandfather and so on, but it's just as convoluted and complicated as Metal Gear Solid 4's storyline, but with an added bonus of several non-canon endings and offshoots to make it even more confusing." (Spoony Bard 2)

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Haly3254d ago

Glad to see an article about this. I love story driven epics, but some games just really don't need to bother with a plot, it just feels so forced, especially in beat em ups!

cain1413254d ago

almost every fighting game has a terrible, forced plot.

iTZKooPA3254d ago

The hilarious "story lines" in Street Fighter IV come to mind. At that point at least let us know the you are mocking yourself so we know for sure!

SirLarr3254d ago

Gotta disagree with the author about Ace Combat 4 and Halo. The stories in these games are horrible. Ace Combat 4 follows some woman that is entirely disconnected from the player and the actions concerning the player, while Halo is the ultimate juvenile male fantasy - you're Robocop fighting aliens on a space hula-hoop. The story is scatter shot, did they ever even explain the underwater tentacle monster that speaks in couplets?

But I do agree with the fact that forced story is worse than no story at all, unless the story is so absurd that it's comedic. Games like Quake and Doom don't need a traditional narrative, because the game experience is strong enough to create its own story through the player's interaction. Mortal Kombat's story, for example, is so overblown and needlessly complex that it's actually entertaining.

Ixon3254d ago

Actually, Ace Combat 4 follows Yellow 13 and Mobius One (the player) through the eyes of a bystander. As for Halo being the ultimate male fantasy, I certainly don't disagree but I think you might be confusing concept with the plot. The game -does- have a plot. Yes, you're a badass meant to be taking down the evilest of evil. But there is a plot.

mr durand pierre3254d ago

I think plot works best in games when it's not shoved down your throats, but rather implied. Games are generally more about mood and as long as they hint at a plot, we can fill in the rest. (More on this later.)

SlamVanderhuge3254d ago

Depends on the game. I like games that seemlessly integrate the plot into the gameplay end up doing it best

shoinan3254d ago

Less stupid repetitive gameplay.

Baka-akaB3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

"At that point at least let us know the you are mocking yourself so we know for sure! "

Isnt that obvious already with some lines throw by rufus ? Or Zangief with :

"Ha ha ha! It is because you cling to imperialism that you lose!"

"More fireballs? Geez... They're pretty popular around here lately"

"You don't like fireballs, either, huh? What? Yeah, Dragon Punches suck, too..." ??

It's also easy to tell they're having silly fun with tekken storylines (kuma , panda , roger , alex , heihachi and the rocket anyone ?)

Anyway i disagree with the article . Recently king of fighters XII , was released without any kind of story mode and plot , and that simple fact was one of the two most criticized things about the game (the other one being the online)

I dont get the harm in a fighting game having some joke or lame plot . At least the author could mention Blazblue as an example to strive for .