MAG Beta v1.21 Now Live


"We're not sure if this update adds any major improvements, but some users believe it could be an option to resume your download of the massive 2.6GB update if it fails, or you quit the game - as opposed to having to wait for it to finish in one run."


It seems the newest patch has enabled the 'Save Screenshot' feature in the XMB, allowing the user to take pictures of the gameplay.

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TheHater3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

yep, I just download it.
Sony really needs to Market MAG. This game is very underrated, and people need to play this baby to realize how fricken amazingly good this game is. I am a COD4 fanboy, but MAG is just on another level.

BrunoM3132d ago

finish the download and yep u can take pics now lol..

MGOelite3131d ago

how do you take screenshots?

Chubear3131d ago

Will be hanging some pics of some MAG Pwnage in my HOME Apartment

ikkokucrisis3131d ago

Played it this morning (because the servers are only available at certain times of the day), and it is really bland (gfx & gameplay)IMO.

On the flip side, the 2nd beta for Uncharted 2 is UNBELIEVABILITY good (even better than the beta they had earlier this year)!

MAG beta is just ok compared to Uncharted 2.

darthv723131d ago

I think sony should definatly market this more. Actually make this a dlc game given the sheer amount of content you get from just the beta. Those who are in the beta should be offered an unlock key to the full game at a good price. No need for a physical disc.

Make this a psn game like wipeout and warhawk and BF1943. Yes i know wipeout and warhawk are out on disc but give the users the choice of activating their beta versions to be full version instead of deleting the existing data and then go and buy the physical disc.

This could be the game to make digital dist a realization to the naysayers.

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BubbleSystemSuck3132d ago

can you "resume" download or not?

Daver3132d ago

yea i wanna know too because i was stuck at 99%

Longhart3131d ago

yes you can resume i tested it :)

darthv723131d ago

you cant background dl this or at least be able to access the xmb. I had a message from a buddy that i had to wait till the 2.6gb dl finished before i could read it.

That is something sony definately needs to address in future updates to the system.

arakouftaian3132d ago

and if it start from the 10% next time tahts means you can in the privet beta you could i dont see why you can't on this one!!!

rbluetank3132d ago

i bought Qore and i still do not have my code... it has been almost two weeks now.. i will not be renewing qore next year... i wasted good earned money on buying qore....

LukaX233132d ago

How could have it been 2 weeks if the Qore MAG Beta started 5 days ago?

CheesePie3131d ago

Is the age for your account older than 18? is the 2 check boxes check in ur account settings? If those things are fine call sony.

LuvBurger3131d ago

That's weird. I got my e-mail on the 14th. It said "You're in: Welcome to the MAG Beta"

RAM MAGNUMS3131d ago

i know its hot.

it could be even hotter if it was MAG ODST.

but thats cool though, im buying it.


Uzesgelen_Goo3131d ago

i played as Valor till lvl 5 and then deleted it and played as S.V.E.R till lvl 3 and deleted it and tried Raven... and personally i like it the costume of Raven looks high-tech and likte it SVER's guns (^^). from Valor i like it teh big sun glass hehe

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