South African Gamers to Microsoft: Leave Japan, Come on Over

Gamesthirst writes: The South Africans are prostesting, voicing that if Microsoft would invest in their markket, a fraction of what is being spent in Japan, then the company's long-term results could be extremely lucrative.

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RememberThe3573224d ago

Is MS not selling in SA? And are they the only ones? Are Sony and Nintendo not there either but SA doesn't care?

GiantEnemyCrab3224d ago

Unfortunately Japan has a lot of developers so MS needs to have a presence there. However, if it was up to me they would of never even launched the 360 there and just focused on regions who appreciate the system. Beyond Capcom most Japan stuff has been crap this gen anyway for the 360.

cereal_killa3223d ago

Do you think it has anything to do with the systems reliability I'm mean come on just because the fanboys don't want to believe it but the Japanese don't like unreliable hardware and to be honest I think the only reason the 360 sold any systems in the Asian sections of the world is because of the RPGs they were able to secure. The Xbox Bombed in Japan because it was to big and now the new system just isn't reliable enough for them to justify a buy maybe 3s a charm and they might just get something right for once.