New Super Mario Bros. Wii dated for PAL & US

LiveWii writes : "Two years after its last iteration as a platform game, therefore no identity tthe mustachioed plumber is about to return dominate the charts worldwide with a Wii title based primarily on cooperation not so cooperative. Certainly from this perspective, the description seems pejorative, it is nevertheless true. But the core issue is also a fact because we can now expect a release of New Super Mario Bros. Wii for the 15 November in the United Stated and November 27 in Europe."

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infamous_273253d ago

Can anyone confirmed this is legit?

TheBand1t3253d ago

Nintendo can. But they don't frequent N4G.

Beast_Master3253d ago

Does anyone really care? I will pick this up because I have a 10 yr nephew who will love it but I am not anticipating it's release.

It will sell as much maybe even more than MW2, all because it has Mario and Wii in the title...sadly :(

Numark3253d ago

it will actually sell because it is going to be a high quality made game that will be a blast to play. Not everything on the wii is crap, and most first party games are golden.

Smacktard3253d ago

Wait.. isn't MW2 gonna sell just because it has "Call of Duty" in the name? Rehash.

Although I don't think that NSMBWii is gonna be what it should be (level editor, online play, and graphics that looked more than just "slightly better" than DS would go a long way, you know).

ChickeyCantor3252d ago

"t will sell as much maybe even more than MW2, all because it has Mario and Wii in the title...sadly :("

So what if it sells more, it doesn't look like a bad game anyway?
And if you are going to cry about one game selling more than the other...why buy it for your nephew?

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bigjclassic3253d ago

this game will make fanboys cry. It will outsell most HD games combined.

n4f3253d ago

hey dont say that it top secret stuff

DanteLinkX3253d ago

Amazing can't wait to play this :P

Numark3253d ago

weird, i thought I saw it was coming the 15th a long time ago. I even had that date written down.....

JJFNIGHTS803253d ago

Nov. 15th is my B'day I'll be asking this when my B'day comes around!!

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