IncGamers: Need For Speed: SHIFT Review [PS3]

IncGamers' Andy Alderson gets behind the wheel of the next game in the Need for Speed series.

From the review:

"EA's decision to reboot the Need For Speed series earlier this year took many in the industry – including IncGamers – by surprise. Given the lukewarm reception to the last few NFS titles and the fact that Criterion seemed to be beating NFS at its own arcade-racing game with Burnout, we suspected the franchise would soon find itself in the scrapyard, like a battered Yugo. However, by aiming the series away from Fast and the Furious fans and roping in Slightly Mad Studios (which worked on the GT Legends and GTR games), EA has pulled off quite a coup. Need for Speed: Shift, it turns out, is a damn good racing game that positions itself somewhere between arcade thrills and obsessive realism."

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Leord3138d ago

Well, if it looks awesome, sounds awesome and feels awesome, it probably tastes awesome as well! :D

Redrudy3138d ago

:) sounds like the ad campaign.

Chazmers3138d ago

looks like a great game, the inside view looks phenomenal

Dorjan3138d ago

Now this is unexpected!

Fyzzu3138d ago

Not much to say but: niiiiice.

green-cigarettes 3138d ago

This game is awesome.Just buy it, you wont regret it xD