Videogameszone: Halo 3: ODST Review: Silly AI, little new, but brilliant Action

"Videogameszone" reviewed Halo 3: ODST with a score 83 out of 100. The negative points are: Silly AI of the federates, no new innovations, very short singleplayer campaign. Pro's: intensive gameplay, good opponents AI.

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sack person3254d ago



GWAVE3254d ago

"Silly AI, no new innovations, very short SP campaign"

Gee, I've heard this for some PS3 exclusives, but those games would have been LUCKY to get an 83/100.

I guess the "Halo" name grants an automatic +10% points to any review score.

N4PS3G3254d ago

All ps3 games are the silly review conspiracy from the media! damn those hating guys!!

Syronicus3254d ago

Look at the reviews given to Heavenly Sword. That game was awesome but yet it was too short. Maybe if it were called Heavenly Halo?

gaffyh3254d ago

hey Cold 2000, oh I mean N4PS3G, ran out of bubbles on your other account?

I think 8/10 is a fair score for the game, AI is a bit stupid, why do they always know where you are if you are a certain distance from them??? And if you are outside of that distance, you can shoot them and kill them and they won't even fire back at you once.

The Lazy One3254d ago

Heavenly sword had no multiplayer components. When you finished the 6 hour game it was done.

Despite that it's still only rated 6 points behind on metacritic. Cry me a river.

lh_swe3254d ago

Because I have seen 360 games getting more praise than they deserve and PS3 games have gotten too much critique when they maybe shouldn't have, for example I never saw any major complaints about the plethora of bugs and glitches in Gears 2 some which even affected the gameplay in a major way yet Infamous which to my knowledge suffered to a lesser extent from bugs and got very heavy critique for it.

I really hope I am wrong and someone who could prove me wrong is very welcome to do so, but as of yet I am inclined to beleive there is a bias in reviews.

On the topic of Halo I think this game might actually deserve this score on account of the credability of the developers but what held it back is the lack of a longer campaign, graphical improvements and a general leap forward in the Halo franchise.

DasBunker3254d ago

give halo a break..

we know halo isnt about graphics, AI or improved gameplay.. it has the MAsters Shiefz!

Boody-Bandit3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

You just posted in under another ODST article

"Yeah..the reviews that count keep coming strong ;)"

But it's tongue in cheek / light hearted because you included a ;), right? When is "everyone" going to come to the realization that the gaming media is garbage and has been for years? Who cares what any of them think? They should only be used for a source of information and not their opinions. Most of them are not even gamers or actual journalist.

Let's face it that the media feeds off of negativity which in turn generates hits which = $$$$$ for them.

darthv723254d ago

maybe you guys are missing out on something. If you relate heavenly sword to a game like halo you need to be aware of something called "expectations". When you hear the name halo you have a series of expectations that have become synonymous with the series.

Heavenly sword is a great game but fell short in many areas because expectations were not met especially from a ps3 technical point of view. Considering the advent of online multiplayer and co-op and would be power of the bluray...why wasnt HS longer or had multiplayer or co-op? The game as it stands is a great single player experience and I await for the announcement of HS2.

Halo odst for the most part is not being reviewed on its own merits but of those of its namesake. A shame actually. People need to get off the whole halo 3 thing because this game is far from being related in any way. If you look at the way the noir style story flows and more open world play of new mombasa you will see that it actually does lots of things right that I am sure bungie had wanted to put into halo 3 itself.

As a stand alone spin off (expansion just isnt the right word) it looks to give a different perspective to the events after MC left new mombasa in halo 2. Technically the only real connection with 3 would be the art style which has been refined. Other than that I would rather have seen them name it halo: odst instead. It is still tied to the halo universe so it is understandable why they opted to keep the halo portion (seeing as you really arent on a "halo" at all).

Some of the best alternate point of view games have been from valve with their "expansion" blue shift and opposing force. This looks to go in a similar direction but in more of an overlapping style with multiple characters to play between. It is a nice addition and I enjoy noir style movies (like crash) and seeing it in a game looks to be an interesting experience.

So right there it has exceeded MY expectations. The added multiplayer maps and reach beta is merely a bonus to me. I'd like to see another spin off where you are one of the regular marines trying to keep yourself alive. Like the ones you stumble upon while playing as MC in the halo games. Maybe even a dedicated game as a covenant brute or...?

Chubear3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

There is a definite double standard with reviewing PS3 exclusives and 360 exclusives. You can call "conspiracy nut" all you want but all you have to do is just LOOK at the body of context in reviews for both consoles.

Now tell me and be totally honest; Do you honestly think Assassins Creed 1 on the PS3 as an exclusive would have really gotten 9s from Gametrailers, Gamespot etc? You've seen how harsh IGN are with PS3 exclusives that are't 9 or 10 material. They act like if a game isn't a 9 it has to be a 4 and no in between. IGN gave AC a 7.5... do you truly believe that rating wouldn't have been a 4 if it was PS3 exclusive?

Sorry but if you're still one of these lame assed gamers holding off playing games YOU have seen for yourself and want to experience until IGN or GT or GS reviews it, then you're just lost cause these gaming sites really don't give a toss about informing you accurately. It's all about business to them.

Syronicus3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

Here's why. Bioshock had no multiplayer but it received raving reviews but why? It was a shooter that had few new elements to it. Yeah it was a great game but IMHO, I had just as much fun with Bioshock as I did with Heavenly Sword. Oh but there was no multiplayer! Boooo!!!!

Yeah, right.

Halo: ODST is more of the same. Without reinventing the genre, Halo: ODST deserves 7 or 8 out of 10. Yeah it is a good game but it is not stellar.

KiRBY30003254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

All we have to do is rename the AAA titles coming soon.

I propose:

Halocharted: Among Space Troopers
Halo & Clank: A Crack in Space
Gran Thalorismo 5
Halo Rain
God of Halo Wars 3
The Last Space Marine

I guarantee it will multiply sales by 10, with a possibility of releasing expansions disguised in full priced sequels a bit later.

Marceles3254d ago

"If you relate heavenly sword to a game like halo you need to be aware of something called "expectations". When you hear the name halo you have a series of expectations that have become synonymous with the series."

lol so does that mean people should start expecting rarely any changes for the Halo series from now on? Heavenly Sword had expectations of being a flop, because everyone hated PS3 at the time Heavenly Sword was released that no matter what game came out they'll find something wrong with it. It's 2 totally different outlooks, one is a popular franchise while one is a new IP which was an easy target.

We have one IP that can't do any wrong no matter what, while we have a new IP that has to have something wrong with it so people will nitpick everything just so it'll look crappy in their eyes. "What is this?? A female God of War with no jumping???? And too short???? FLOP 7/10. Too many cutscenes?? FLOP! I just want to play games people! Who cares about the soundtrack? It's a FLOP! Face it PS3 fanboys!".

Halo on the other hand..."OMG they added a piano to the original theme song? Can I rate this game 11/10 because this is the most gorgeous soundtrack I've ever heard and certainly the most innovative. Visor mode??? OMG Bungie you've done it again with innovating the whole gaming community as we know it".

It's bull....Halo's expectations are for it to sell and for it to get a free ride for everything, and even be considered innovative if an extra gun is added to the game. A PS3 game's expectations are to be lucky to not be looked at through a magnifying glass and to not sell 8 million like Halo, so every game that Sony comes out with is considered a "flop" to everyone else because it doesn't sell like Halo. "Yeah the PS3 game has good graphics and gameplay's not gonna sell 1 million so I'll add that to my review score. 7.5/10".

KiRBY30003254d ago

couldnt agree more with everything you just said.

here, have my bubble.

ReviewsArePolitics3254d ago

What part of that don't you guys get? This needs to stop

Bodyboarder_VGamer3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

If Halo3 ODST, a glorified DLC for $60 it is getting only 9's from big sites like IGN, 1up, Gamespot then I don't even want to imagine how they will score Halo Reach... With only 10's maybe? Halo Reach could be the highest scored game of all times you know. LoL

darthv723254d ago

I can respect what you are getting at. However it isnt a requirement that a sequel be innovative. If that were true then there are thousands of games that would need to be knocked down a few notches. We dont need to go from one extreme to another. You make the point that HS was bound to be a flop by those who just wanted to hate on the ps3. also goes both ways. Those who want to hate on the 360 (and the wii) go to the extent of trying to downplay everything it has to offer and yet there is no real gain from it.

Unless the gain is the satisfaction of being part of the crowd taking such actions. Anyway, I should clarify something. Expectations are subjective. Much the same way that value is. Reviews are opinions and therefore are not without subjective elements.

Should there be innovations in games, sure. Where applicable! It was only in the last few Madden games that they realized they needed to do something different to justify a full release of next season. I always thought that if the gameplay works then they should simply release the updated season content to be downloaded and you still use the core game to play but with current stats. Perhaps EA will do that but not yet.

Innovation in games would best be described as changing the way you play. For example, going from simple button pressing to using neural thoughts to control the character. That may be going waaaaaay out there but I can bet many have thought about such an innovative way to play. Ok, that part is a bit much in relation to this subject. Innovation seems to be more of a punchline than anything these days. You can innovate in more ways than just seeing them on the screen.

If a game can deliver on what made the previous one a success then isnt that worthy of credit to itself as well as the original? If you think there doesnt need to be many changes to halo to be a success then you are right. It has many great elements that creates a game as equal to the sum of its parts. Should there be a next year release with similar attributes then my expectations are as follows. Great multiplayer, expanded story with new weapons and characters/locations, same great orchestra soundtrack, creative art direction. So far each game in the series has been capitalizing on what has made the previous ones stand out.

Respect to you for sticking to your opinion.

Marceles3253d ago

I'm not saying a sequel should be innovative, I'm just saying a totally new IP on PS3 would be reviewed harder than just another Halo game with nothing new but a new touch of scenery a few more multiplayer maps. If ODST was called anything other than Halo it wouldn't have gotten the score it has gotten...yes we'll never find out but I bet the reviewing would've been tougher.

PROFIT3253d ago

i just beat this in 3 hours. meaning= 65 dollars down the drain

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dustgavin3254d ago

Average rating 8.3 and dropping.

Obama3254d ago

Silly AI hahaha. I remember the part where the friendly AI drove off the cliff twice. Gold.

peeps3254d ago

the enemy ai isn't all that good tbh, when i first came up again hunters i was like wow these are hard, then i found a really easy way of getting them to turn their back on me. it wasn't even a glitch of any kind, just the ai's not all theres.

and still don't ever let ur teammates drive a warthog haha

Meus Renaissance3254d ago

The AI isn't the greatest but I don't think it's the AI in this case. When the Visor is on, there is a light from your helmet which attracts their attention. When it's off, you can at times just walk around them and they won't notice you. It kinda makes sense considering how dark the city is at night.

peeps3254d ago

well what i did to defeat the hunters was this:

get a sniper and get up high
every time i stepped out of the door onto this walkway they both came over to me, as soon as i wen back in the door they walked back to the same starting position lol

so all i did to defeat them was step outside, let them get close, step back in through the door, come out and shoot em in the back as they were walking back to their original position. just really odd behaviour which made it easy to kill them

SupaPlaya3254d ago

that scenario you described and it's quite funny lol

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