Halo 3: ODST: What is the big fuss about?

GB writes: "Halo. A franchise that single handedly saved the original Xbox from the blemishes. Halo 2 did the same. And in 2007 Halo 3 became one of the best selling games of the season . It sold over 10 million games worldwide. Now having said that the fans were expecting a full blown sequel in 2009. However Halo 3: ODST came out and now some of the people out there are making a huge fuss about it."

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LTC3046d ago

That are giving inflated scores and leading innocent consumers on.

El Botto3046d ago

when they are making a big fuss about DLC.

Just like how they tried to do so with GTA4 DLC. And just like GTA4 DLC the fuss will disappear rather quickly in a week or two.

See, DLC is cool but its not the same as a real game. There is no substance.

BX813045d ago

So you played the whole game? I'm curious, because if not then you are just trying to lead people on with a crappy opinion.

borgome3045d ago

PS3 [email protected] boys are so jealous and pathetic. The game is awesome, suffer being a [email protected] computer nerd and never playing this great game.

gameseveryday3046d ago

cant comment on that. But GB says that they will have an unbiased review this week. Fingers crossed.

sack person3046d ago


كل عام وانت بخير و عساك من عوادة

Parapraxis3046d ago

I don't get it really, I's just an expansion, I don't see what all the fuss is about either.

Dlacy13g3046d ago

Get over it. It's not an is a full game with tons to offer. If you don't want a game with a 6 hour single player campaign, mulitplayer co-op mode and added maps to one of the best online games in a decade then don't buy it but quit trying to trivialize the game by calling it an expansion.

GWAVE3046d ago

Why shouldn't gamers call it an expansion when Bungie themselves called it an expansion? It wasn't until Microsoft began some behind-closed-doors talks when this "expansion that will not be the same cost as a full-priced game" (according to Bungie) became a "full game with a lot of content that justifies the full price" (according to Microsoft's PR and then Bungie a few months later).

The fact that they had to shoe-horn a bunch of rehashed content from Halo 3 onto a second disk to make it seem like a "full game" is proof enough that even the developers know they're overcharging for it.

Shadow Flare3046d ago

Well when there are so few 360 games coming out for 2009, the few that exist are bound to get the attention. Even if it is an expansion pack, and more halo

Mr_Bun3046d ago

When Bungie themselves have identified ODST as an expansion it is hard for people (who know the value of a dollar) to justify spending more than 30$ for this.

If you have money to burn, then by all means, go out and buy this, but I work too hard to support laziness/greed

Mindboggle3046d ago

Can we please just stop all this crap towards ODST ?? It will be a great game no doubt, but why are so many fanboys on here almost crying when it gets 9.0s ??

Its not up to us to decide what review score a game gets, and if it does get a high review, who are we to argue ??

If your that worried that its gunna get a better score than uncharted, then I dont think you have much to worry about..

callahan093046d ago

Well, it's definitely an expansion. I mean, WipeOut HD Fury is a 10 dollar expansion and it includes all new multiplayer modes, all new single-player modes, all-new tracks, and an all-new single player campaign that's actually longer than the original WipeOut HD campaign (which was in itself quite long). It actually has, for 10 dollars, more new content than Halo 3 ODST has. You can also tell that ODST is an expansion on the basis that it includes 2 discs. 1 disc, the actual ODST game, which is the new campaign and Firefight mode, is the expansion, and is valued at approximately 30 dollars. The other disc is the original Halo 3 multiplayer suite, and makes up the other 30 dollars. So you're getting an expansion pack plus a legacy pack. It equals about 60 dollars in value, but the actual ODST content, the actual new stuff, that's definitely an expansion.

edgeofblade3046d ago

The big fuss is the price. I haven't picked up my copy yet... and I still will... but for what one reviewer called "plenty of appetizers, not enough main courses", $60 is a steep price. I was going to get the collectors edition, but I'm rethinking it. If they still have 'em, I'll get the standard edition, and use the rest of the cash to get my wife Katamari Forever.

pumpkinpunker3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

I wonder if these Sony fanboys realize that they give Halo free publicity with their negative blog posts and reviews? No one is going to think, "oh wait, some random dude on the internets doesn't like Halo. I think I won't buy Halo 3: ODST" They're more likely to be reminded that ODST is out and consider buying it after checking the buzz out on a major gaming website.


IT is simply not a full game....everyone complains of its short nature and what it has to offer....heavenly sword is longer i hear ..IT WAS ANNOUNCED AS A FULL GAME ...THEN MS REALIZED YOU WOULD PAY ANYTHING IF WE PUT HALO ON IT...DRONES

gaffyh3046d ago

The big fuss is all about the price. It simply is not worth $60 ESPECIALLY for Halo fans, because they are the people that would have bought every map pack for Halo 3. If it was $30-40, there would be no fuss.

ultimolu3045d ago (Edited 3045d ago )

Because it's Halo dammit! :o

Everyone should bow down to the greatness of this series!

/epic sarcasm

I don't know what's the fuss either. Nope, can't criticize anything that's Halo. You will be labeled a PS3 fanboy and hauled off to the dogs.

HDgamer3045d ago

If you criticize halo you will be chastised and crucified.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33045d ago (Edited 3045d ago )

MS could have easily price structured differently, they aren't even willing to sell the MP levels online - you need to shell out the 60 bucks if you want it.

I think they should have broken the game up into parts, and sold it over XBL.

When you compare ODST to other fully priced games, it just doesn't add up whatsoever.

40$ is the most id be willing to pay, people say what's the big deal, but this really is an alarming trend. Do we really want to see expansion packs for 60$?

HolyOrangeCows3045d ago

*A short campaign (Not even 6 hours).
*Recycled Multiplayer (Literally the Halo 3 MP with a few new maps).
*A new mode that lacks matchmaking.

Stop defending this game. If you want to over pay for this game, go for it.
But don't even bother trying to justify this weak game.

SixZeroFour3045d ago

what i wonder most is if ppl would have said "its just an expansion" if bungie didnt first say it was just that last year (i think)

because if you play legendary, i highly doubt it would be the "4-6 hour campaign" that many of you claim it to be...playing heroic with coop, or easy and normal single player, then it may be 4-6 hours (but so are a lot of other full retail price games) but play it on legendary (even with coop) then i would be impressed if you played the whole game in 4-6 hours

heroic single player took me about 8 and a half hours to finish, given that i did stop to look for sadies story audio, but thats the thing...theres also a lot of easter eggs in the game

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Dlacy13g3046d ago

Author tries to make sense of a situation that makes no sense. Fanboys cannot be reasoned with.

gameseveryday3046d ago

I have heard many people that its not an expansion. It started out as one by later it became a full blown game

GWAVE3046d ago

Says who? Reviewers have been saying the same things:

- Same ol' graphics
- short campaign
- a bunch of content we've already seen in Halo 3's DLC

That doesn't look like a full game. It looks like an expansion that was milked.

edgeofblade3046d ago

In a rare reversal, I agree with GWAVE. I'll probably still get my fill of fun out of it seeing how I like Halo's gameplay, but if you could quantify fun against the $$ spent, I expect I, the consumer, will come out on the lower end.

I don't call the graphics "weak". Perhaps a little dated, but who in their right mind is going to develop a new engine for an expansion. And therein is the weakness. If they didn't need to develop a new engine, it should be DLC and it should be much cheaper since I'm not paying for their engine R&D.

TheMailman3045d ago

"full blown game" my ass!!