The 10 best free iPhone apps to get you through university

If you're fairly young and fairly intelligent, you're quite possibly contemplating three years of lectures, tutorials, squalid living conditions, and intense exam pressure. That's right: you're a student, and your preposterously long summer break is over.

University can be daunting if you're entering your first year. You've got a lot of new faces to learn, a lot of information to absorb, and all without the tidy structure of high school. You're finally responsible for your own life, which means paying the rent on time, shopping, cooking for yourself, and making sure the toilet is safe.

This will be a slow transition. For the next few years you're going to experience periods of boom and bust as you burn through loan instalments at the union, spells of ill-health as you adjust to a diet of biscuits and vodka, and a succession of truly unsafe toilets.

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