Loot Ninja Review: MotorStorm Arctic Edge

MotorStorm was one of the most fun and long lasting PS3 launch titles, which spawned a sequel in Pacific Rift. The series is now coming to the PSP in the form of MotorStorm Arctic Edge, developed by Bigbig Studios, the team behind the Pursuit Force series. The enormous feel of the game was fully translated in the portable version and the fast paced racing action is just as fun as its console big brothers.

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remanutd553138d ago

PORTABLE LUNATICS UNITE!!!!! see you all online on oct 1st

resistance1003138d ago

I would love to join ya, however with GT PSP and FIFA 10 coming out on the same day, Motorstorm: AE will have to wait

bjornbear3138d ago

Seems like PSP is getting very strong, w GT portable and Motorstorm, not to mention other countless games coming out for it. Its no DS, but damn its tempting =D

RAM MAGNUMS3138d ago

this just gets me into the mood to play some motorstorm pr tonight.
im gonna go into playstation home and get some drivers to race.