We say "Hakuna Matata" in Afrika: Composer Wataru Hokoyama Interview

With the release date for AFRIKA right around the corner, OSV has an interview with composer Wataru Hokoyama. The music from AFRIKA has won many industry awards, has been performed at game music concerts all around the globe, and on October 6, will finally hit the ears of gamers in the United States. In the interview, Hokoyama talks about his work on the game, briefly mentions his work on Resident Evil 5, and talks about being a Japanese-born composer working in the US.

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Alcon Caper2924d ago

PSM3 Magazine UK - 71/100

MAiKU2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

Wow could you be anymore obvious?

This article is about the music of the game. Yet you post a score... hrm hrm hrm i wonder why.

But yes, it's so damn obvious a gaming magazine would give a game that really isn't much of a game a low score.

Alcon Caper2924d ago

Not just ANY gaming magazine, a Sony sponsored PS3 gaming magazine. That's the irony of this title that SO many people would "buy a PS3 for."

If it were IGN or Gamespot, I could care less, but for a company to stab it's own first party title in the back is just amazing.

It's the equivalent of MSN giving ODST a low score. If that were to happen, I'd ridicule that too, son.

MAiKU2924d ago

yes, but you're doing it in an article about the musical score to this game. Not score as in RANK but score as in the SHEET MUSIC.

If you wanna do that, you'd be highly more effective in a article post focusing on the gameplay.

Alcon Caper2924d ago

i dunno, for some reason, no one is posting ANY articles about the game. the thing is falling through the cracks

MAiKU2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Kinda makes you wonder why you bothered in the first place if it's falling through the cracks.

Seems like a waste of time.

Obama2923d ago

About the same scores that ODST has been getting.

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