10 Minutes Of Halo 3:ODST

James of writes: Sup y'all, i got a brand new video for all of you loyal koalitionites to watch, what i have for you today is the first 10 minutes of Halo 3: ODST, minus the opening cutscene and any major spoilers (i think). This 10 minute peek should hold you over until you cop it tonight or tomorrow. Enjoy

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kalebgray923168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

the whole campaign was leaked weeks ago on the net.... lmao .... man but i think the microsoft is the reason why halo has become fail of late... milking out the franchise and getting money is their goal.... not making great games.... if it were up to bungie... this game would be epic....or not released at all... they would focus purely on reach ... and we could have had that instead this year

bungie= win
microsoft= fail

monkpunk13168d ago

This game looks sh1te why the hype?

knightdarkbox3168d ago

game of the year confirmed.

monkpunk13168d ago

as Uncharted 2... I agree

RAM MAGNUMS3168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )


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