Top 5 Wii games to look forward in 2010

GB writes: "Amidst the hype surrounding the magnificent games releasing on the PS3 and Xbox 360, there are also some cracking games lined up on the Nintendo Wii for year 2010. Through this article we take a look at some of the games that are scheduled to be launched on the Wii in 2010."

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gameseveryday3167d ago

so what are everyones thought?

FiftyFourPointTwo3167d ago

Nice list. I can't wait for NMH2 and SMG2. I think the new Zelda Wii will have a late 2010 release.

Smacktard3167d ago

Good, except for Zelda and Kid Icarus. Kid Icarus probably doesn't exist in any form other than "concept" right now. There's no way Zelda's going to be released in 2010. There's better and more relevant games to put on that list instead of those two "MAYBE!"s. Monster Hunter 3 would be a great example. Many people would argue that Red Steel 2 would be another one (though I wouldn't be one of these people).

ABizzel13167d ago

I thought Mario Galaxy 2 was this year. But anyway it's missing the one game I'm looking forward to the most from Nintendo besides Zelda. Metroid: Other M.

kunit22c3167d ago

Sin and Punishment 2, Metroid Other M, Monster Hunter 3, The Grinder, and Red Steel 2, any of those games should have replaced tales of graces Kid Icarus and Zelda. Kid Icarus isn't even confirmed and Zelda is most likely early 2011 and I don't think Tales of Graces is going to be better than any of those games I mentioned except MAYBE Red Steel 2.

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gameseveryday3167d ago

Thats why i guess they are expected and not to be confirmed.

gameseveryday3167d ago

@FiftyFourPointTwo: hopefully they will have it released very soon! cant wait!

Go Gaming Giant3167d ago

ye I don't think we'll see new wii zelda for a while

gameseveryday3167d ago

the previous one did not did good?

Aquarius3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

LOZ:TP was a nintendo cube port.

Wow 5 years and no Link :(

@below SMG and MP3:C was released together 2 years ago. They should release Metroid Other M and LOZ together next year.

BTW there was two LOZs' on the N64 and gamecube and two Metroids on the gamecube.
I'm sure it was the same with the nes and snes.

EvilTwin3167d ago

Aquarius -- That's why I said "almost" unheard of. There have been a few times where Nintendo has delivered on a short schedule (as you said with there only being two years between Zeldas on N64, and two years between Metroid Primes on GC), but that doesn't generally seem to be their standard procedure.

There were 6 years between Mario 64 and Sunshine.
There were 7 years between A Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time.
There were 8 years between Super Metroid and Metroid Prime.

Nintendo usually takes their time with their "big three."

Even this gen, Galaxy 2 will probably be more of an expansion pack than a sequel.
Prime 3 had been in development since the previous gen (Echoes was actually a starting point and guinea pig for Wii controls within Retro).
Twilight Princess is an enhanced port of a GC game.

We're actually only getting one exclusively, non-GC spec entry each from Metroid and Zelda.

Aquarius3167d ago

"Even this gen, Galaxy 2 will probably be more of an expansion pack than a sequel."

I know Galaxy 2 is just an expansion and not a sequel. Nintendo probably wanted to release it on Wiiware as DLC ( Yoshi ) but it would have been a Flop. So its best to release it at retail for the consumers.

"Prime 3 had been in development since the previous gen"

Yh it was meant to be a Wii Launch Title.

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diddies3167d ago

Well with Mario and Zelda amongst others. THey have a pretty good line up coming out.

gameseveryday3167d ago

there might be more! But not sure!

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