The Escapist Review: Demon's Souls

The Escapist writes: "If you are easily frustrated, you may as well just move along, because you'll want no part of the PS3 exclusive, Demon's Souls. Even if you're not-so-easily frustrated, you may want to reconsider going anywhere near it. It's a brilliant, exquisitely crafted action RPG, one of the most unusual and rewarding gaming experiences currently available, but make no mistake: This game wants to make you cry. Not in a death of Aeris kind of way, but in a school bully kind of way."

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callahan093135d ago

Disagree with that teaser sentence. I'm very easily frustrated by videogames, and yet I never felt frustrated by Demon's Souls. I had a blast with it, and I got the platinum trophy. It's a challenging game, but death is such an integral part of the experience that it just isn't even frustrating, you just get used to it. At least, I did. It becomes a game where you have to be very careful, and you learn the right way of doing things. It's trial by fire, and the pay off is exquisite. It's one of the best games ever made, and I really mean that, I really mean *ever*. So I'd say: challenging, yes, frustrating, not necessarily, not if you have the right mindset.

Prototype3135d ago

There's only 4 games I've played that tested my patience to the max:

Prince of Persia Sands of time
Mario Lost Levels
Ninja Gaiden Arcade

Demon Souls reminds me of an online game with an offline mode so ill have to see how "challenging" it can get, if people can beat it must not be as hard as they say it is

ZBlacktt3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

Good reply. Can I ask if anyone would know. Why is the release dates for North America so far apart from Japan? ( Feb 2009 to Oct 2009 ). Seeing that the far East version also has English as a game language.

Every single report we've ever seen talks about the no save spots or check points. Dying and having to redo the whole level again. More so dying at a boss fight. I wonder if they will ever patch the game to add those? I mean we all know at the end of the day that will hurt sells.

Not everyone is hardcore and many will give up and list it on Craigslist with in a week from buying it. The Dev see the reviews and the reviews though very nice scores. They are scaring off consumers with the "frustrating part " and who wants to spend $60 to say for get this sh*t!, lol.

lukeb4dunk3135d ago

That's just the thing, once you get into the game and learn how to play, you just end up accepting all that and loving the game for doing so. Seriously, I really don't know how to explain why, other than the reward factor of it all. I've never played a game where when I finally beat the level boss, I felt so rewarded for doing so.

No death feels cheap, because you can always see where you went wrong. At the beginning, yes, you will get frustrated for losing all those souls you worked so hard to get, but not really later after you learn what areas you can farm to get all those souls back in spades. You earn everything you get in this game (both good and bad) and that is it's best charm.

callahan09 has it about right. Once you realize that dieing is part of game, you learn to accept it and enjoy it. And like him, it is one of the greatest, most enjoyable and most rewarding games that I have ever played. I have put around 500 hours into Demon's Souls and loved 499 of them. Easily in my top 3 games this gen.

nycredude3135d ago

Yeah I agree I never got frustrated playing this game. It si NEVER cheap, like Ninja Gaiden cheap. It IS challenging, but only in the beginning when you haven't figured it out yet. But once you get to know the game and it's mechanics and level design you will become a killing machine.

All these sites calling it frustrating is doing the game and the potential buyers a diservice.

RAM MAGNUMS3135d ago

the number 1 reason why i am a gamer is for challenges. I like to win. the only game that has beaten me is ninja gaiden sigma. i can admit that.

budbundystyles3135d ago

I also can admit that. I made it to the boss fight against the gentleman with glasses and quit. Guy hits you once and goes into a ridonkulous combo sequence, and then stomps you on the ground as well. F Ninja Sigma, if that's hardcore, I never want to be.

hay3135d ago

Ninja Gaiden wasn't hardcore. It had terrible platforming elements and cheap fights. Played through almost all of it without any upgrades and when I remembered to look in the inventory, got the ninpo's and get hp tripled in comparison to the starting... Game became boring. Do yourself a favor, don't get any upgrades playing it. Much more fun that way.

budbundystyles3135d ago

Frustrating is a rather interpretable term. I have looked forward to this game for some time. Atlus deserves applause for bringing this gem to the West. In an age of auto-aim, and full skill trees spoiled on the net day one, I welcome a REAL challenge!

Guitarded3135d ago

...if you avoid "the net" while playing them. Actually, games are more fun if you avoid gaming sites, especially N4G, while playing them. This site is a cesspool and the people that run it are the toilets! HazMat suit highly recommended!

Morituri3135d ago

This was posted in another article but it merits getting spread around:

The visuals are quite amazing/disturbing.

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