Free Halo3: ODST Premium Theme available (limited time)

With the much anticipated release of the newest Halo game, Bungie has released a free premium theme. Available for all Xbox Live Gold users, this offer will be here for a limited time only.

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StanLee3222d ago

Added it to download when I get home. Anytime you can get your hands on any free content from Micrsoft you have to jump at the chance.

militant073222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

Coool! I stopped buying theme after the NXE, I got board from the Mass Effect theme (MASS EFFECT PLATINUM EDITION BOUS DISC) and the holiday theme.


EDIT: downloaded it, looks very good

KionicWarlord2223222d ago

I liked the gears of war 2 theme i got free with gears 2 .

Ldubbz3222d ago

Nice...something free. There needs to be more of these for bastards.

Picked up my copy of ODST this morning...played about 30 min or so before I had to leave to work. Its great so far

Silellak3222d ago

Be careful! Positive ODST opinions are not very welcome here.

Dark_Vendetta3222d ago

does 24h acces also count as a normal gold subscription?

militant073222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

NO IT DOSE NOT,its only online trial not GOLD, i wasted one trying to download only gold demo on jap marketplace, and still couldnt download it.

ALItheWISE3222d ago

Only if you pay for gold. LOL... Am i the only one who thinks thats a lil bit funny.

Elven63222d ago

Free for the first week, then Silver uses are able to get it as well.

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