Evil Avatar: WET Review

Evil Avatar writes: "WET tosses you into the role of Rubi Malone, a gun for hire. You're tasked to fix a wealthy man's problem and think the job will be cut and dry. Soon though, you find out that everything isn't as it appears and promptly get stabbed through the stomach. Filled with the desire for revenge after being left for dead, you set off on a journey to find the people that betrayed you leaving hundreds of bodies in your wake."

The Good

* Seamless transitions between real-time and slow-motion action
* The voice acting stars a great cast of characters and helps engage the user
* Blood, blood and more blood

The Bad

* Monotonous game play
* Challenge mode feels as if it was an afterthought
* Stopping the game play to teach you how to use your new weapon

The Ugly

* Most of the cinematic scenes don't match spoken word with the written word
* If you're going to make me wait until the credits to unlock something, let me skip the credits

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