PS3 250GB: Confirmed For Next Week

NowGamer: A retail source close to NowGamer has confirmed that the rumoured SKU will be available in the UK from next week

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vhero3077d ago

Gotta get it ready for those big ps2 games coming to psn eh?

DominusRebellis3077d ago

That's good, but I wish people wouldn't care so much about the size of the stock PS3. You can get a 500GB HDD for under $100! But if you don't need the space then that's cool too!

BRG90003077d ago

Forgive me if this is a stupid question, but is the 250GB PS3 a PS3 Slim? Or is this a way of trying to sell out of their old larger model? This article isn't specific on that.

Kushan3077d ago

The PS3 "Fats" are no longer being manufactured, it's all Slims from now on.

Syronicus3077d ago

Bought the drive a few months after I bought the console. It's so easy to install that anybody could do it.

ceedubya93077d ago

I think the 120 gig is enough. Changing the HD isn't very difficult, and there are plenty of options for doing so. I can't imagine a first time buyer filling up all of that space so quickly. but anything is possible I guess.

Still, can't complain about extra space.

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lordkemp0073077d ago

Sony's stumbling block was price. I paid (UK) 400 pounds for my launch ps3, and feel i have more than got my moneys

With the introduction of ps3 slim at 249 pounds Sony have witnessed a turn around in their sales fortunes.

Cheaper sells more in other words. These bundles will sell well and its nice to have the extra 250 space. The problem is the price shoots up to 300 pounds. I would like to see Sony introduce a 20g slim for 199 pounds, You always have the option to upgrade. At a cheaper price point it would pull in a lot of new potential budget minded customers over the Christmas period and beyond .

whoelse3077d ago

For Sony it doesn't really cost anymore to put a 120GB than a 20GB, so introducing a 20GB model at £199 would make them lose an extra £45 or so.

SoapShoes3077d ago

Double the HDD and a game for only 50 more pounds. Does this mean a 350 Euro/Dollar bundle for the rest of Europe/America?

va_bank3077d ago

Unless these turn out to be models meant to be sold in game bundles only.

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The story is too old to be commented.