Eurogamer: Spyborgs Review

Eurogamer writes: "Spyborgs looked interesting, once. You might recall that when it was introduced last year, the ex-Insomniac team at start-up studio Bionic Games had a completely different vision to the one in the box today. Designed as a "Saturday morning cartoon-style experience", the plan was to split the game into episodes and include advert breaks, co-op puzzles, comedy gesture-based mini-games and an eclectic array of enemies, comprised of flying crocodiles and poo-covered teddy bears. Yum."

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Smacktard3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

Holy crap, 5/10? I know Eurogamer is typically unnecessarily harsh with their reviews, but wow...

edit: Then again, most of the review seems to be lamenting how the game changed from what most gamers thought appeared tasteless and immature.

Venox20083247d ago

I think first people should rent this game, becouse I still have good hopes for it, no matter for those reviews... there were very good games in gaming history with bad reviews (underrated ones) :)

SpoonyRedMage3247d ago

Wow... did not expect that. I'll just wait for more reviews and possibly check it out before purchase.