Forza 3- Gameplay, Porsche 997 GT3 on Amalfi Coast

Offscreen gameplay of Porsche 997 GT3 in Forza Motorsport 3.

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u got owned3255d ago

Wow!!! Impresive, the gameplay looks solid @ 60 FPS. This game is gonna be excellent, cant wait.

LiquifiedArt3255d ago

Didn't really like the track. way too tight. The S turns with a straight through line is pointless.

JOLLY13255d ago

You've never raced before, I take it.

leeger3254d ago

smooth as silk. how I wish all games are running on 60fps

Turn 10 Studios3254d ago



just the real deal

Cwalat3254d ago

Very smooth, 60FPS is very welocoming.

I didn't like that the cars still had the same light glow under the tunnel, though. It took away the level of realism that peaked during the video.

Same can be said of the "click < to rewind race" popup every time the player touched the other cars or side of the track. Truely annoying.

heylo3254d ago

so you think that video stream you saw is encoded in 60 fps???
60fps my

MNicholas3254d ago

1) Major bug: Most of what's in the tunnel should be shadowed but the moment the white car in front enters the tunnel it lights up like a christmas tree as if the wall on the right simply isn't there. Even the left of the car is bright. What's worse, the interior of the car being driven lights up as well. Apart from the shading inconsistencies on the interior (A-pillar, dash, visor, all light up with differing intentities in a way that doesnt make sense,ie., indirect lighting wouldn't cause it), walls and pillars should be casting shadows on the car. Perhaps this video is from an early build.

2) Minor bug: Shadows on interior geometry don't line up correctly. Not the end of the world. Not sure they'll bother fixing this one.

3) Artistic: Procedurally generated rocks need variety and less saturated colors. This is supposed to be a sim, not some super-saturated cartoon wonderland like Mario or Halo.

On the plus side the windows on buildings appear to be reflective (although what it reflects is sometimes a bit odd) and the sense of speed is excellent. I would prefer a slightly better field of view but I can accept that technical challenges prevent certain things. After all, they couldn't even find a way to squeeze in gear change animations.

Perkel3254d ago

beautifull track , resembles me Citta di Aria from GT4 (also amazing city track)

jib3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

^ yeah this is one of my favorite looking track thats been confirmed so far

MNicholas3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

youre saying that:

1) Cars should be visibly brighter inside a dark tunnel than in direct sunlight

2) Shadows cast by objects don't have to match up with the objects casting them

3) Many different locations in the world have the same identical colorfully textured rocks (intelligent design?).

4) Mario and Halo are what sims should look like

jib3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

by my guess, i'm thinking people who disagreed with you did it because they just dont care about all that nonsense you put up man

MNicholas3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

Sorry to hear that you have such low standards.

If you're the typical customer, then, perhaps that's why the Forza series isn't really taken seriously.

I know I can't put out a shoddy product for my customers and expect to find more work. Microsoft's really onto something here!

jib3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

what low standard? regardless of all the so called errors you listed, the graphics are still very good. no doubt one of the best graphics on any console

what racing fan is going to look at the inaccurate shadow on pillar#16 while they're driving? why does having the slightly wrong colors for the rocks in the BG make it less of a sim? i could go on and on about this but whats the point. lets just hope you get it

MNicholas3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

Now you're just blindly defending a faulty product and ignoring the biggest and most blatant flaw of the video., ie., that the cars light up like chrismas trees the moment they enter a dark tunnel. That's a huge graphical flaw in a game that supposed to be a realistic sim.

Again, it's all about expectations. Obviously, fans like you have low expectations and will blindly defend even the most obvious problems.

BTW, I just read that Halo ODST sold 2M just like that. Now no one can deny that there's something unique about 360 owners. Microsoft's really onto something special. Bravo Microsoft.

jib3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

so its faulty product because the shadows are off? is that what defines a "faulty product" to you? by that standard, you just labeled 99.9999% of all video games faulty. i'm not disagreeing with what you pointed out. fine the shadows are off. so what? its still an accurate simulator/fun game and thats what should matter if you're really a gamer

what does ODST have to do with any of this? ohhh right. Forza = MS, ODST = MS. MS = evil. couldn't help it coulda you? only a fanboy would get tempted to bring something so irrelevant the way you did. you shouldn't generalize. you come off very narrow minded

edit:: thats ok. it's a subjective matter. for 60$, im getting more for this game than i would from A LOT of any other game.

MNicholas3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

To finally come to terms with the graphical failings in the video?

But instead of defending it, send them an email and point it out on their forums. Tell them that as a paying customer (they want $120 from you for 540 cars) you expect shadows that work properly and cars that don't glow in the dark.

Also ask them why they want to charge you $120 for a game with only 540 cars.

corneliuscrust3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

troll much?

Isn't it also weird how when they're exiting the tunnel, everything is all blown out and bright? And then something even WEIRDER adjusts! WOA!

Hmmm maybe they're using techniques like HDR lighting so that when you enter a tunnel that was dark, the exposure adjusts to react like the human eye and the dark things seem brighter?

Nah that would mean they've done a good job graphically. Much easier to point out things you say are flaws but really arent. Learning is fun

MNicholas3254d ago

Having trouble reading? What you wrote has nothing to do with my comments. I never complained about overexposure when exiting a tunnel.

And no, cars should not shine brightly inside dark tunnels unless they've got glow in the dark paint.

And no, Forza 3 does not have HDR. It's running FP10 which is actually MDR.

Greywulf3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

Why feel the need to state its not? Its very evident like with all of forza's non-photomode gameplay that its very much being ran on a 360.

Turn10 advertises with CGI, thats a fact. The E3 "creativity" trailer you all thought was in game, which was hilarious. They also pushed out nothing but photomode shots and held back direct feed because of how the game looks absolutely nothing like the creativity trailer in game.

The sad thing is no one confuses anything Forza related for pre-rendered, so I can see why you would try to spark some sort of debate about it.

But I dont think anyone in the world mistakes forza's detail for cgi outside of what appears to be only 360 owners...

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JOLLY13255d ago

but dang that game looks great.

ShabzS3254d ago

yeah really glad turn 10 fixed the frame rate issues ... their e3 build's c0ckpit view was running on 30 fps

but the latest one is running at a stable 60... and looks better than ever

MajorJackHoff3254d ago

It looks pretty damn good.

But since I'm a poor piece of sh*t, I'll be waiting for GT5 instead.

Gotta buy the better of the two.

lh_swe3254d ago

I might depending on the reivews, people's opinions etc.

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