PSX Extreme: Katamari Forever Review

PSX Extreme writes: "I remember reviewing Katamari Damacy way back when, during a time when I was inundated with low-profile, small-budget productions that never ceased to disappoint. I opened the package from the publisher and I distinctly recall saying to myself, "oh great, another no-name, nothing game." But a few hours later, I was gleefully rolling around, picking up tons of random stuff and wondering how any developer could conceive of such a concept. Ever since, I've been a huge fan of the franchise and I've played and currently own all three installments to date…and now, I've got the fourth. I was initially thrown by the cel-shading visuals and I'm still thinking I might've preferred normal graphics, but that's a personal thing. For the most part, Katamari Forever is just about everything the fans want, plus a little more. There's a slight issue concerning the control and camera, which I will explain later, but for the most part, the fans are gonna be plenty satisfied."

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budbundystyles3220d ago

I found the demo quite unimpressive, it tasks you with watering a garden? I play Katamari to pick up everything in site. I own a ds, if I want a gardening game, I'll get one. This franchise has lost sight of what made it so special in the first place.

OGharryjoysticks3220d ago

even the Game Over screen game was cool beans so just because the main level wasn't what you expected doesn't mean the whole game will do the same thing.

budbundystyles3220d ago

I will concede that the art is totally sick. But the levels after that first one were also watering ones. Seems that was the mechanic of the that particular world. Which honestly does not appeal to me.

DirtyHairyjoystick: Did you enjoy the watering level?

OGharryjoysticks3220d ago

having the hand stop the ball on the edge as the ball squirts and grows grass.

how can you not like it :)