Uncharted 2 release date for EU has been changed

PS3Hype writes: 'The release date for Uncharted 2 in Europe has been changed. The release for Uncharted 2 is now 16 October. That's 1 week earlier than before (23 October). Now people can get there hands on this great game a week earlier!'

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samich20073249d ago

One week in my life more fun with Uncharted 2 :) :P

hay3249d ago

Woohoo, the day I'll get back from delegation abroad, yeah!
And probably the same day I get my hands on Demon's Souls, damn.

lh_swe3249d ago

Goddamn it!

Still good that they pushed it up tho.

Cwalat3248d ago

Thank god! And by god, i ofcourse mean Naughtygod! =)

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El Botto3249d ago

Its gonna be
Tekken 6
Uncharted 2
Modern warfare 2
Demons Souls

FOR ME. My wallet is going to get a hit but thats OK because I know Im getting TRIPLE A QUALITY ONLY THE PS3 can deliver.

Aquarius3249d ago

Tekken 6 has been gimped to fit on DVD9 via 360.

First ever Tekken on an Xbox LMAO.

jack_burt0n3249d ago

ummm been the 16th for over a month.

Baba19063249d ago

this is not very new in europe. i pre orderd it to that date some weeks ago at my local store.

Breitsch_Nieden3249d ago

i preordered my my game over a month ago for october the 13...

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The story is too old to be commented.