DualShockers Massive MAG Beta Code Giveaway

DualShockers writes:

"Since we've been in the spirit of giving as of late, we figure why not hook up our readers with beta codes to one of the most anticipated games of the year! DualShockers got together with the great people at Sony and are now sitting on a boatload of MAG beta codes. So how do you get your hands on said code? Easy. We will be giving out 6 codes a day on the site, and 5 on Saturdays through twitter. To win your code on the site all you have to do is tell us why you deserve entrance to the MAG beta in the comments section of this post (obviously, the more entertaining, the better your chances). For the Twitter giveaways on Saturday's we'll be doing trivia of sorts so make sure to follow us on there as well. Winners will be emailed directly (or direct messaged on twitter), and will then be announced on the site in the same comments section. Please make sure to leave your email (correctly) when you submit your entry..."

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BROOKLYN N-M-E2925d ago

hitting this site every hour until i win a code!

iiprotocolii2925d ago

How do you consider MAG an MMO? Elaborate, my good man.

hay2925d ago

Massively Multiplayer Online game, MMO by definition. 256 players in one shooter is massive indeed.
Also the working title is Massive Action Game, it's a multiplayer game so add 1 to 1.

peeps2925d ago

yep. infact although there are millions of ppl playing games like wow, can't you only actually get like 256 players in a server?

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BROOKLYN N-M-E2925d ago

Now I don't have to pay for qore to get this!

iiprotocolii2925d ago

Even though Qore does offer some nifty stuff worth looking at.

Typical-Guy2925d ago

I already got my code from Qore. The game is AWESOME.

iiprotocolii2925d ago

I'm shooting for this... every. single. day. I've been dying to play MAG and this is the perfect opportunity for people who've been dying to get a code to actually get one.

Ravage272925d ago

It's time... *picks up rifle*

iiprotocolii2925d ago

MAG is awesome, so far. It's not the gretest FPS ever made, but what it brings to the table makes it a great multiplayer game. Can't wait till its release.

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The story is too old to be commented.