Sony planning PSN 'Japanese Import section'

From Gameswire: "Following recent news that Yakuza 3 wouldn't be released in the west and then news to the contrary stating that this was actually under discussion, it's now come to light that such titles may find their way over to western homes via PSN, rather than traditional boxed release."

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gumgum993072d ago

This kinda reminds me of the good ol days when Playstation Underground was going. They had this import section on the disc that let you try out some Japanese demoes and the like.

himdeel3072d ago

...although I know some will complain about not having physical media, it's a nice compromise to no doubt cut down on some of the cost to bring these titles to a larger audience.

hay3072d ago

Damn, give me games with original VO and english subs, and I'm all over them.

ChozenWoan3072d ago

Just when you thought that the year couldn't get better for the PS3.

FFXNo13072d ago

Sony gimme Persona 2: Innocent Sin. Im not willing to pay those crazy prices (ebay) for this gem