Koch Media dates Prison Break: The Conspiracy

Koch Media today announced that Prison Break: The Conspiracy, an action adventure game based on the TV series, will release for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC on 26th March, 2010 in Europe.

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jay23219d ago

Cool my sisters Bday.

peeps3219d ago

surprised this series is still going tbh.

first series was really good
second was meh
third i'd lost interest completely lol

Klopek3219d ago

The series isn't still going. It's finished.

aaron58293218d ago

I thought the first season was amazing.... the suspense and all...

i dont like 2nd season... however, when they were back into the prison in season 3, i gained my interest and thought it was a good season.

I didnt watch season 4.

lh_swe3219d ago

I don't think it'll be another Ironman but probably somewhere in the region of Wolverine.

Baka-akaB3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

??? Wolverine was decent , good even . iron was crap .

Otherwise i dont see that game ending up being good at all . Too much rextrictions and contraints to begin with .

Why not just do a game with scofield trying to break out ? Even that would be hard already ... instead they put some huge pressure on themselves by creating a new and probably unfitting storyline trying to follow the first season .

aaron58293218d ago

I think it will suck...

Remember Lost : The Videogame ?