Gamezebo iPhone: Spore Origins

While other iPhone ports of PC games like The Sims 3 and Civilization Revolution have generally retained the same charm and experience as their desktop brethren, Spore Origins only reproduces the first, very short segment of the game. In Origins (as in the first stage of Spore) you'll live the life of a single-celled organism trying to evolve their way out of the primordial ooze. Evolution occurs as you eat smaller creatures and earn special evolution points that can be spent on upgrades that will improve your characters hunting and defensive skills.

Defense is an important part of the game. While hunting for your own food, bigger creatures will be hunting for you. Attaching a spike or a pincer will let you attack some of these bigger creatures, but until you've evolved some good defenses it's best to stay out of their way.

The game spans 30 levels that will each take you around five minutes to complete. That should provide the game with a great opportunity to change things up, but every level feels exactly the same. Every so often you'll be faced with a level that will play more like a maze, and you'll need to find the end to complete it. Other than that though, every level feels like a carbon copy of the one before it.

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