Analysis: Game Narrative & Achilles on the Couch

Writer and designer Emily Short looks at examples of conversation-based gaming such as Monkey Island's insult swordfighting and a new iPhone App, Think Like A Shrink, that puts Greek hero Achilles on the psychiatrist's couch.

Emily Short: Achilles' reaction to being told his dearest friend Patroclus is dead:

"Oh man, I gotta go."

At least, that's the take found in Think like a Shrink, a new iPhone app from Mind Gamz.

Think Like a Shrink invites the player to learn the techniques of a therapist, and then apply them to Achilles, hero of the Trojan War.

I find this fascinating in three directions: as a new idea in conversation-based gaming, as a reception of a piece of classical literature, and as a blend of narrative and procedural play in general.

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