The Portable Gamer PSP Review | Persona

Portable Gamer writes:

"Pros: Delicious storyline, honors the original Japanese version, excellent music and soundtrack
Cons: Isometric viewpoint controls strangely, difficulty ramp and learning curve is steep, ultimately a slog

I have a motto in life, and that's this: if you aren't enjoying what you do on some level, stop doing it. I don't mean to say that every moment in life should be a box of kittens or all peaches and cream, because we all know that a little adversity and humility go a long way.Most people are more enjoyable to be around if they've had to work at getting what they have, where they're at, and who they've become. If it's all too easy, it's not enjoyable."

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wondroushippo3252d ago

Yay for console RPGs making a rebirth on the portable!

wondroushippo3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

I am surprised, though, after the glowing previews - but I guess the old-school RPG isn't for everyone.

bgrundman3252d ago

That is FOR SURE. I personally can't stand them, but that is probably more of a personal issue more than anything else.

roblef3252d ago

Yeah, I think they just didn't change the core grinding gameplay enough to make it accessible for us new-school gamers.

roblef3252d ago

I really wanted to like it! I'm sure a ton of folks will, though.

Haly3252d ago

I'm a sucker for JRPGs so can't wait to play this once I have a PSP soon :)

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