Netflix CEO Reed Hastings on Xbox, Youtube, iPhone

Reuters: We caught up with Netflix CEO Reed Hastings at the movie rental company's event where it awarded a $1 million prize after a contest aimed at improving the accuracy of movie recommendations. He spoke about his hopes of working with Apple on the iPhone, the possibility that YouTube will beef up its movie service, and the future of the DVD.

Reuters: Netflix video streams on Microsoft's Xbox Live system. What about the PS3 and Wii?

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gameman3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

well well well bots so your lovely Netflix will be coming not only to the PS3 but also to bluray players and everything else???? it seems that the 3fix can't hold anything exclusive for more than one year LOL i would throw the 3fixme from the window now if i were you

ForROME3195d ago

Well as mentioned, Hastings is on a Board at MS, that always helps however in the end it about cashing in on money and going cross platform on anything is more money.

himdeel3194d ago

...they'd be foolish to ignore PS3 and any other system format which they are not currently accessible. Bottom line is staying as far into the black as possible.

Netflix will be accessible on PS3 eventually. However I personally think it may be a bit of a challenge as it will be directly competing with PSN. Perhaps an integration into PSN might be more favorable to SONY in the long run.

mrv3213195d ago

The PS3 is much more media orientated in my house as it is in many peoples, if I wanted Netflix I'd watch it on my PC which is next to my 360, but since the PS3 is wireless more people have them connected up away from their TV's.

This would be very sensible. It's down to Sony, it has it's own video rental service to I doubt they'd like both.

likedamaster3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

Blockbuster's closing of their stores is their own fault. Redbox installed more and more redboxes all over the country and Blockbuster did NOTHING. Redbox? They had me at $1.

Netflix will most likely cut another deal for another year with Microsoft and gain more ground on that platform and then a year later release to all consoles. By then Sony would more or less still be interested and Nintendo not care for it at all(to their loss).