GT5 and Forza 3 Ferrari's compared in new tribute videos

Gran Turismo 5 and Forza 3 go head to head against one another with their tributes to the new Ferrari 458 Italia.

With the Tokyo Games Show around the corner, we've already had an announcement from Mercedes-Benz that their new SLS AMG car would be featured in Gran Turismo 5 at the event, and now Ferrari is getting some love in both the PS3 game, and the Xbox 360's Forza MotorSport 3.

Polyphony Digital and Turn 10 have each made tribute videos with their game engines for the new 458 Italia. Ferrari's 8-cylinder Berlinetta was presented for the first time at the 2009 International Motor Show.


Gamezine: "HD trailers added for both."

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Mindboggle2979d ago

Wow both look great, but gran turismo has the better visuals... Sorry guys but its the truth

techie2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

GT5 is using its cutscene graphics (still in-engine and real time but with added AA). Is Forza doing the same? Both videos are around the same length so you can watch both at the same time lol

4Sh0w2979d ago

but honestly I can't say which is better judging from two small low quality youtube vids.

u got owned2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

Both games look outstanding. I would say, GT5 looks slightly more realistic other than that both games have great amount of detail on the cars.

DelbertGrady2979d ago

Pointless flamebait imo. I'd be interested to see a side by side comparison when both games are out.

Chubear2979d ago

This is just BS flambaiting for hits.

captain-obvious2979d ago

you dont use flamebaits to fish fishes

LiL T2979d ago

I will agree that both look good but GT5 has got this one hands down. The interiors in GT5 look way better then what I've seen "SO FAR" in Fortza. The aluminium, chrome and carbon actually looks good.

Syronicus2979d ago

I have to say, for a free network, GT5 is going to be a crowning event for such online play. Not only will it look amazing but it will be truly competitive.

Sarcasm2979d ago

I think both look great. But considering how [email protected] the 458 already looks, it's too hard to mess it up.

timmyrulz2979d ago

"Wow both look great, but gran turismo has the better visuals... Sorry guys but its the truth"

No its an opinion, the truth is a factual conclusion that is backed by unquestionable and unflawed evidence.

Both do look fantastic

Bereaver2979d ago

I'm sorry for everyone that thinks everyone that posts that GT5 is better is thought as to be a "fanboy".

In my opinion, it's easy to see which is better.

One is choppy, one is smooth.
One has better detail depth.
One has backgrounds that appear blocky at some points.

Anyone wanna reply to this and choose which game fits each statement?

MNicholas2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

Tribute videos are really highly focused opportunities to show off your game, even more so than trailers, which are meant more for flash and excitement.

Simply ask yourself questions such as:

Which showed more detail close-ups
Which had a broader array of lighting situations
Which showed off it's physics

This should give you an idea of which developer is more confident in demonstrating the capabilities of their engine.

Of course, the developers know which game looks better. Just look up the developer interviews.

Blaster_Master2979d ago

Both games are gonna be great. However, Ive been playing GT5P for awhile now, and Ive noticed alot of glare when Im in a tunnel and I can hardly see when Im exiting it. That can kill the game for me, and I have a feeling that wont be fixed in GT5. Hopefully there aren't any problems like that in Forza 3.

Sarcasm2979d ago

Better quality video of the GT5 one if anyone's interested

Mr Marbles2979d ago

don't start this, lets not try to say which one looks better, from what I can see they look the same, but the videos are too small and too low quality to really judge.

In addition to that, we don't know if one or both of these is just CGI.

I think we can all agree that the Ferrari is beautiful, hows that.

Montrealien2979d ago

Holy crap, both those games are coming out in my life time?

*pinches self*

ouch! Holy f*ck, this is for real? I remember dreaming of day where we would get racers this good looking...What a great time to be a console racing fan.

LiL T2979d ago

I see on the GT5 video but can't access the media portion of the site, can anybody confirm if this video is on the official Ferrari website. If so thats pretty sweet and is the Fortza video on the official Ferrari website?

Just watched the GTTV HD version of the video and WOW what a difference. It also says in collaboration with Gran Tourismo and Ferrari. What ever video is on the official Ferrari website is the game that represents the car the best in my opinion.

TK4212978d ago

I'm sorry but one car model looks like plastic and the other car model has full detail and reflections. It reflects the clouds the pavement and everything in between. If I stood next to the TV I bet I could see my image in the paint.

There is a BIG difference. Maybe it's the true 1080p vs 720p upscaled thing.

I did not murder him2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

Oh come on dude you know most of that GT5 trailer was CGI I'm sure the camera will pan inches from the surface of the car lol. The camera will pan through the cocpit lol. The GT5 footage that actually looked like replay footage isn't close to Forza 3.

I did not murder him2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

That's part of the GT5 CGI or touched up cutscene dude. LOL once again PS3 fans are tricked by Sony's smoke and mirrors. In just about a few day the real GT5 will be compared to Forza3 and I'm not going to be here on N4G that's for sure.

This is why some known PS3 fans in here are not beating their chests because they admit and or can see the difference in the Gt5 cutscene and the actual gameplay assets.

Greywulf2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

GT is detailed murder him, its what happens when you have real hardware to work with. The sad thing is you're calling it "cgi" which means pre-rendered. Which it isn't. Which is just that much more hilarious.Its the same engine with more aliasing.

Aliasing alone isn't the only thing that puts GT beyond F3.

Buh buh detail

Forza3 looks nothing like its photomode, which is everything you were all excited about.

GT5 looks just like it. Minus the AA.

Now why dont you post in game non photomode shots that compare.. I'll wait.

LiL T2978d ago

Your roBOT eyes aren't working properly. The Fortza video uses the cinema mode or what ever its called and nowhere does either of them say GAMEPLAY. This is supposed to be a 458 showcase and thats the best Fortza can do......please. Where is the chrome in the Fortza video, all I see is silverish gray.

LiquifiedArt2978d ago

One is aimed toward Car Enthusiasts and the other is aimed towards your teenagers.

GT's Class far outdoes forza. Its blatantly obvious. Music, Angles and who the hell drifts ferraris? What kinda pre-pubescent nonsense is that?

I did not murder him2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

Why are you posting Prologue pictures? they look the same as the replay looking footage in the GT5 Ferrari 458 Italia tribute video(54 seconds in here and there, 1 minute to 1 minute 10 seconds in, give or take)

Why are you posting pictures of CGI headlights and tail lights of the Italia tribute video?

Why don't you post pictures of the CGI shinny water the Ferrari Italia is driving in as well, that looks good too! even though it's CGI just like most of the GT5 tribute video. Even the footage that looks like real game assets in that Gt5 tribute video look touched up.

Maddens Raiders2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

about it. I think we all want to act with decorum and civility in these forums but there's no use in stretching the truth to do so....GT takes this presentation hands down.

Just look at the attention to ((great)) detail. That tells you not only what's on the outside of the this game, but more importantly - what's on the inside.

Microsoft Xbox 3602978d ago

Forza3's cgi video can't even compare to GT5's realtime video. How sad is that.

DeepInterludium2978d ago

Don't know why some people are disagreeing with you posting pictures. I guess some are just bitter about there being a generational difference between the two games.

Just look at this shot:

From this Replay:

In fact, I think it was Turn 10 who turned out to be liars by releasing this video:

Acting like it was possible in replays. Turned out to be CGI. Just another false claim by Turn 10. Just like their false claim of over 100 tracks, actually 24 tracks where they inflate the number by making preposterous variations such as:
- Benchmark high speed ring (14 tracks)
- Sidewinder proving grounds (18 tracks)

32 "tracks" what a joke.

And of course the whole definitive racing game will turn out to be a joke.

INehalemEXI2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

The Gran Daddy killed it. As far as tributes go the GT5 one was almost making love to a car. Can't wait for TGS this just made the wait harder.

TK4212978d ago

Why don't Forza 3 fans post some comparison pics or videos? Even as doctored as the Forza 3 pics are they still don't look better than GT5. The forza pics never look like in game video.

Greywulf2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

You are trying to argue GT doesn't have detail as in the image. I've proven it does.You can talk about "cgi" water all you want, but that has 0 to do with the fact that Gran Turismo's vehicles are second to none detail.

So again, keep talking about everything else other than the actual car detail in a driving game. Its amusing to see that you know full well you wont dare post "in game" screenshots of F3.

Do it, or stop responding to me.

cmrbe2978d ago

are the real car enthusiast that has respect for the subject. PD is without equal.

Montrealien2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

Mr Grey, at least put ingame shots to prove your point. Like these ones...

The bumped up resolution on the photo mode is very sexy, but sadly we are not at the point yet when it comes to real time graphics, on either consoles.

I think both games look insane, just not as insane as the straw grabbing arguments some of you seem to get excited for though,

Greywulf2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

And there is no "bumped up" model detail in the replay mode. Replay mode adds depth of field, and a higher pass of motion blur with Higher Anti Aliasing, which is why it runs at 30fps.

The argument is that GT's in-game models are lower polygon resolution than its replay mode. Thats false. The bad behind the car in game image you posted isn't any less detailed than the replay model of the sti that has detailed headlights.

Your point fails when you use bs images. The taillight detail is all there, the refractions are allll there. Just stop. Gamespot's captures of PS3 games is nonsense, but it still cant hide polygonal detail.

Neogaf capture cards.

Off screen

Do you want to keep arguing this? You can pretend im grabbing at straws all you want. But no one has yet to find any in game screens of F3 that comes close to the terrible gamespot one you even posted.


GT5P has no photo mode.

Way 2 go!

Montrealien2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

So let me get this straight, you are saying that the photo mode in GT5 is not at a higher pixel count? Interesting. And GT5 has no photo mode? Oh, you think I said GT5P has a photo mode, I never said that, where did you get that idea? The pics you got in your first examples are clearly taken from either the new photo mode that was detailed by PD, or directly from dev kits. That's all I was saying, I thought that was clear. Cant you admit we have two great racers coming out on two different consoles? Is it that hard? You are a great example of why hate people that talk in absolutes. the world not so black and white you know, it is ironically in shades of grey, Mr Grey.

Anyways, bottom line is they both look like two amazing console racers, there is noo arguing here, just a few puppies chasing their tails.

Greywulf2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

The reason I say GT5p has no photomode, is because the images are all from GT5p. Which has no photomode, which is why I said GT5p has no photomode. Members on have capturing equipment, and members pulled it out precisely when Gamespot/IGN werer doing shotty captures of the game.(Like the ones you're trying to pawn off as how the game looks, trust me if it looked like that there would be 0 debate)

I know its hard to believe, but thats the game. Especially when you zoom in with triangle, and have nothing but Forza bullshots to pretend look anything like the real game, but search their GT5p thread of the "glorious cocxpit view" for more details. There is no photomode, thats GT5p how it actually looks when it isn't gimped by gamespot's hardware for some mysterious reason.

Theres only one driving game, and thats Gran Turismo. Sorry, F3 is underwhelming compared to GT. Its boasted the same advantage since the first game, its not impressive in the face of GT. On its own? Sure its great! Not trying to be nice, especially when Turn10 has put their own foot in their mouth. But they throw 8 cars looking like plastic at GT, what did you expect? Forza is a good series, engine swaping and painting is great! I even turned my back on GT4 for a while with F1 & Sega GT, its a good game. But its not comparable to GT when you actually use your eyes.

And one more time, there is no photomode in GT5p.

For the record:

"its cgi detail!" (proven wrong)
"Ok ok its the new experimental top secret PHOTOMODE!"(proven wrong)

now what?

Montrealien2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

enlighten me, what straws am I grasping at when I claim that they both look like two awesome console racers? The only thing I am finding hard to believe is that these games look as amazing they do I still remember being amazed by GT1s replay feature, I guess thats why I may have a different appreciation for how games look then most of you do. BTW I still own my copy of GT1 that I bought the day it came out.

And it ain't top secret, PD has talked about the Photo mode in GT5, what rock are you living under? You just want to make sure your c*ck is bigger in which case I would agree with you, it is, by 2 cm. And that will never change the fact that both games are day 1 purchases for me.

beardpapa2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

check out the youtube vid or the actual HD vid and look around 1:20-1:22. Look what happens to the front right wheel as it's round the curve.

More or less the clip was probably made using GT5's replay mode and PD's talent when it comes to making cinematic sequences.

The link Greywulf posted

actually does occur in-game for GT5. That kind of headlight detail was taken off-camera at the Gamescom GT5 demo of the Subaru's headlights. People have been wondering if that's some sort of texture trickery or ray-tracing in effect.

Edit: Also notice at 1:25 - 1:27. Look at the background mountains. Now WHY would they f#ck that up in a CGI?

Greywulf2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

"Mr Grey, at least put ingame shots to prove your point"
(images posted were in game from a year old gt5p, some i took myself with a cellphone mind you)

Then you say:

"The bumped up resolution on the photo mode is very sexy, but sadly we are not at the point yet when it comes to real time graphics, on either consoles."

(its not photo mode?? There is no photomode in gt5p)

Then you say:

"The pics you got in your first examples are clearly(lol CLEARLY) taken from either the new photo mode that was detailed by PD, or directly from dev kits."

(The ones from GT5p, with the non existent photomode. Just capture equipment, same stuff IGN/Gamespot manages to not do)

So from above, with your own words. Those are the straws you're grasping at. Can't just plain admit GT5 PROLOGUE looks better than any console racer in existence right now,including Forza and GT5 is more than likely going to follow the same path. Low detail in the Forza video on the vehicle isn't being biased, its reality.

Which is why no one is bothering to post forza3 in-game images, because in the case of Forza, unfortunately the only time it looks good is when its a Photomode shot, which looks nothing like the game.I honestly feel like im pummeling you with your own hands right about now.

Now you want to pretend you were just saying both games look just gosh darn great! Well ok, yay cheer squad! But the problem is, you bumbled in here when people were trying to talk down GT5's visuals, saying the detail was fake. Which you also did. When proven otherwise, you and want to say both games are good, and ignore the glaring error in claiming its a photomode\cgi to discredit the images.

F3 is going to be a solid title, just like f2. I was never saying it wasn't going to be.

slayorofgods2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

Forza 3 isn't going to get anywhere near GT5 in sales. The thing about GT5 is it's Grand Trismo! The graphics only scratch the surface about why this is the best racing series ever made. Forza 3 has a lot of hype, but when all is said in done it'll have nothing on GT5 (which could become the highest selling PS3 game yet).

If you want to hype Forza 3 you'd do better not mentioning the Grand Trismo series.

leyego2978d ago

nope this aint real life.

b4 u hit the disagree button.
that car looks TOO good to be real. i mean its so shinny. this is what a car looks like after u shine, clean, and protect the $hit out of it. this is a car u want to show off in a show room not drive on a street.

Montrealien2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

I never denied GT5 or GT5P looked bad, just that the pics you used looked better then they should. Nice quote collection though, now who exactly is grasping at straws again?

GT5P And every other GT I have bought since the first one have always looked amazing, but don't take me for an idiot. I can tell when a shot is in game, and when it is not, and mostly everything you posted was touched up. I own GT5P and play it in 1080p on a 47" LCD, it has never looked anything close to what your "captured" shots looked like. You said it yourself..

"GT5 looks just like it. Minus the AA."

That is all I was trying to say, ironic no? Removing jaggies does a crap load and all I was saying was that those shots where worked on. I should not of assumed that it was the new GT5 photomode PD has been talking about So yes, the details, the AA, was faked, you said it yourself. You should pummel yourself with your own hands...

And since no one put up any in game shots of Forza 3 in fear of how horrible it is, here we go, and I agree with you GT5 has the graphical edge. The real question is, does it matter? When both games look just gosh darn great!

why not a video

Disgusting I know, how will I ever enjoy playing this ugly crap now that I have seen GT5 shots, with AA?

In fact, I will load up GT5P right now in 1080p, a game I agree looks damn good. Just to make sure I am not wrong about it not looking like most of the shots you linked for us.

I did not murder him2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

You still in here posting links to rubbish? If Sony tells you guys the sky is yellow with purple dots you'll believe that so why post them for me? I know for a fact most that GT5 tribute trailer is CGI and you posted CGI pics in you first comparison post, I don't care about your twisted misguided point you're trying to make, I'm just calling out the BS.

I'm not sure what you are doing posting GT5 Prologue pics they look exactly like the footage that looks like ingame replays(not the CGI parts) in the GT5 tribute trailer and the visuals look in between Forza 2 and Forza 3.

HDgamer2978d ago

This guy can't post facts, he's hurt and broken like the robots from I robot except they were a tad bit smarter.

Montrealien2978d ago

I got a Fact right here.

Fact: I want to play GT5P with all this stupid talk, but I uninstalled it, so now I got to wait for it to install and update, ugh...I need to put a bigger HD in my PS3!

Bereaver2978d ago

As someone stated before, they seem to be fore two different audiences.

One's for the.....


The other one is for the.....

No one can touch us, because we are who we are crew.

As for the reason behind it? Fanboy rage, and a little quote from a few months back. "the defi..... definit...... what was it again? ohhh yeah! THE DEFINITIVE RACING GAME OF THIS GENERATION!"

Who could ever forget? lololol please

beardpapa2978d ago

I found that link from a poster on gamersyde. It's interesting that you can hear what the engine sounds like at idle.

Perkel2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

@ i did something

ehh dream on ...

@ Montrealien

hey i also think that GT Prologue lack of AA but you know what ? I moved my G25 from like 0,5 m from my 40"" tv to 1,5 m a gues what ! There almost no AA problem :)

but shadows are way to jaggy sometimes (low shadows resolution) i hope they will fix that in full gt5

djroberts2978d ago

It's obvious GT5 looks better. I like the GT5 video much better overall due to the music, style and graphics.

MNicholas2978d ago

Some people can't be convinced no matter how much evidence one presents because they are either paid guerrilla marketers for Microsoft (yeah, they do exist and it's big money) or they are the same fanboys (using different usernames) who ranted that Forza 2 looked better than GT5 Prologue.

So, in essence, with some people, it's just not worth the effort.

HDgamer2978d ago

Yay he disagreed with me 4 times on his alts.

DaTruth2978d ago

Is it possible? Watching the Forza video actually makes GT5 look better!

Seriously, seeing how much more GT5 is doing, makes me realize what an incredible job they've done.

Those videos were like night and day, and I can't believe that 360 fanboys are trying to say they are both day!

prowiew2978d ago

Am I the only person in the world that dont like the ferrari?

JHUX2978d ago

Glad to see I did not murder him is still as big of a fanboy/troll as ever. It's been a while since I've been here, some things just don't change though.

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Kluv2979d ago

way more slick. more pristine. can't wait. forza looked good too though, but damn, the gt5 one, even those tail lights were insanely detailed.

Dutch Boogie2979d ago

Yeah the amount of detail in just the tail lights are amazing. I bet you if you were to zoom in real close you could see each glass rendered lol.

Polyphony Digital are kings among men.

Sarcasm2979d ago

The GT one had macro close ups and you can still see the detail.

But I have to say Forza 3 is a substantial leap above Forza 2.

Sitdown2978d ago

For some reason that just seems like a weird statement..

KingME2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

Did anyone else notice that you can preview the GT5 video directly from this post, yet you need to go to the main article to see the Forza one. Just wondering. I'm sure it wasn't done on purpose /s

More forza:

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solidworm2979d ago

because at least the car moves.

cRaZyLeGs 932978d ago

Did you even watch the Forza video? But GT5 looks unreal!

Fishy Fingers2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

Quite difficult to judge from those videos because of their over direction, without prolonged camera angles, but both certainly look fantastic. But if I were to pick one, I'd say GT looks more realistic, where as Forza still has a graphical look to its materials (textures).

Kleptic2978d ago

isn't the GT5 one in HD, i just watched if full screen and it looked incredible...

maybe its just me, but I don't think these two are even comparable...GT5 easily takes it visually...but to a degree where I would strongly question how 'in game' that trailer actually is...

The gaming GOD2979d ago

However, these kinds of comparisons really need to stop. All it does is fuel fanboy hour. Especially at this site. And before someone replies for one set of fanboys over the other, let me just say, fanboyism is a two way street.