Diehard GameFAN: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Review (360)

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 is more of a relaunch than a sequel. When Activision passed the reins to a new developer they took a big risk that rarely pays off. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 is a solid game, but it lacks any major updates over the original to make it a must-play title. There are several extras and gameplay elements that are either left out or cut down from the first game that hurt this title. Graphics and sound are adequate, and it is a lot of fun to see some of the fusion attacks lay waste to a flock of enemies. You do get a very respectable amount of replay value, both from collectibles in the levels and the two-sided story mode, If you are a serious comic book fan than this game is likely to make you happy with many of the comic book references and story tidbits, but in the end it reminds you too much of the Clone Saga-not as good as the original, no matter how much they tried.

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