PushSquare: Motorstorm: Arctic Edge on Playstation Portable Review

PushSquare: "If Motorstorm: Arctic Edge is an indicator of the type of quality titles we can expect to see during the PSP's resurgence, we're very excited about the future indeed. The game's not quite perfect, but that doesn't make it any less fun."

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Narutone663044d ago

weird kind of scoring system. But nonetheless, a good score for a PSP game.

get2sammyb3044d ago

People say that a lot but to us it just makes more sense -- on a five point scale you have: very bad, bad, ok, good, very good; to us if a game is "bad" you don't really need to distinguish it as "very bad" -- so we removed the complication by having just four points: bad, ok, good, very good. We think it's more to-the-point that way, which has been our philosophy from the start.

You can read our reviews policy on the "About" page if you need to know more.

Hope this helps.

rockleex3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

All the websites that give out 9.3 or 8.9 kind of review scores.

Really? Is that 8.9 really keeping the game from being "AAA"? Can't you just round it up to a 9?

Especially considering all the different standards that different games are judged on, even by the same reviewer, it makes all the little decimals even more confusing.

Just let us know if its bad, ok, good, or excellent.

All the extra little decimals can be decided by us, the gamers, AFTER we've played the game. The reviewer's job is just to let us know whether the game is worth our time or not.

I applaud PushSquare.


I don't think he was refering to review system (I too prefer a simpler system) but about the scoring itself.

If we consider 0 as utter crap, 1 as bad, 2 as bad, 3 as ok, 4 as good and 5 as excellent, from what the reviewer was talking we could assume he would give it a 4, like it's fun and fresh, but technically it's no giant, just ok.

I'm only can stand decimals in reviews in case that the review is based in simpler scores for fields, like 0-10 non-decimal for sound, visuals, gameplay, fun, replay etc... And you'll sum up those scores in a 0-10 system. They don't need to have the very same weight, but the weight of each score should be clear stated, unlike, let's say, IGN.

get2sammyb3043d ago

@bishop -- just in case you're still curious or whatever, here's how we score taken from our review policy:

What do our scores mean?

Review 1 Square - Poor

1 Square – generally a game that scores just 1 square will have a number of gameplay breaking flaws. Any game that scores this should probably be avoided or at the very least handled with extreme caution.

Review 2 Squares - Average

2 Squares – generally a game that scores 2 squares will do a number of things right and a number of things wrong. There may be flaws in the game as a package but on the whole the game should be able to hold the interest of those who are fans of the genre or franchise.

Review 3 Squares - Good

3 Squares – generally a game that scores 3 squares is a fun, solid release. There may be minor flaws but these are outweighed by the overall gaming experience.

Review 4 Squares - Amazing

4 Squares – not delivered lightly, essentially a game that receives four stars must represent excellent value for money, quality and playability.

Our scores do not equate to a 10-point scale; thus 2 Squares do not represent 5/10, nor do 4 squares represent 10/10.

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Aquarius3044d ago

I might have to pick this up when I get a PSPGO. Missed the game on PS3. So I won't feel like buying it twice :)

Chapulin3044d ago

Hope it's as good Motorstorm PD.

Milky3044d ago

I got it last week, its amazingly addictive, great great game.