ActiBlizz is recalling german versions of Wolfenstein

Actvision Blizzard is recalling all german versions of Wolfenstein because of unconstitutional symbols. Maybe a swastika. In Germany, swastikas and similar symbols are not allowed in games.

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GameOn3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

Me thinks Germans are sick of everyone killing them in games.

El_Colombiano3222d ago

Hahahahahahahaha you think?

Baba19063222d ago

i think you are confusing germans with nazis. its not the same. Today germans hate nazis as much as everybody else does.

El_Colombiano3222d ago

I'm sure everybody hates what the Nazis were. Except those Nazis who are still alive today.

SuicidalTendencies3223d ago

Germans need to get over it. Hell, everyone needs to get over it. It's been over 60+ years now.

El_Colombiano3222d ago

Yes, and I bet you would also like everybody to just forget about the Holocaust too huh.


SuicidalTendencies3222d ago

Again, that happened 60+ years ago. Get over it. Most Jews from WW2 are mostly gone anyway. So there is no reason for today's younger generation to be angry. We learn from the past, hope we don't make the same mistakes, we get over it, and move on.

El_Colombiano3222d ago

Not angry about it, but definitely not forget about it.

Pumbli3222d ago

Tell the people that lost their parents and grandparents to "get over it" and see what happens.

60+ years is nothing, my friend lost his grandfather in the Nazi invasion of France and though he doesn't talk about it every day, it's quite obivous he hates Hitler and everything he stood for.

SuicidalTendencies3222d ago

I'm not telling people to forget about it. Just get over it. Being angry at a man who has been dead for 60+ years is just asinine. In Germany's case that they ban violent games and a symbol that doesn't mean anything anymore is just stupid. Like any of the stuff is gonna bring about another Hitler. What they should do is ban politics. That is what causes these wars and slaughter. A jackass with too much power who gets people to buy into his ideals.

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