Associated Press Review: Halo 3: ODST': Lots of firepower, nothing fresh

Associated Press: The "Star Wars" movies should have taught all science-fiction writers a lesson: One trilogy is enough.

Bungie, the developer of Microsoft's blockbuster "Halo" trilogy, wrapped up the story in 2007. The war between humanity and the alien Covenant was over, with the hero, supersoldier Master Chief, drifting off into cryogenic sleep.

Looking at the "Halo" epic from another angle turned out to be much less interesting than I'd expected, and I couldn't shake the feeling that Bungie is bored with the franchise. "ODST" doesn't have the spark that made earlier "Halo" titles so compelling - a spark that, I hope, will return when the studio moves onto something new. Two stars out of four.

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callahan093255d ago (Edited 3255d ago )

Are you kidding? That's way too low. I mean, I wish that I could get to the new stuff in ODST without also having to repurchase the old stuff I already have, but that doesn't change the fact that for 60 dollars they're including a lot of content and Bungie are quality developers and game designers. This package contains a lot of fun to be had, and a 2 out of 4 is a 50%, that doesn't even get you a D in grade school for God's sakes. Rate the package on how good all of its parts are. Because when you want to rate it in terms of value, well that becomes a subjective thing. To somebody that doesn't already own Halo 3 and its full multiplayer suite, this package is an incredible deal at a great price for 60 dollars. To somebody who does already own all of that Halo 3 content, it may not be worth 60 dollars, and those of us who feel that way will decide for ourselves how much the new content is worth to us, but we can't very easily do that if critics like Wonderwall are judging the full package based on the fact that some of its content isn't new rather than judging it on the merits of how good it is.

Edit: I re-read the review, and I'm not sure what they're saying now. Actually, they don't seem to be talking about freshness in terms of the fact that the multiplayer component is just the same one from Halo 3, but they seem to be saying that the entire mechanics of the Halo gameplay feels stale to them. Hmmm... I don't know. All of these reviews are so mixed that it's hard to tell what the deal is.

hitthegspot3255d ago

Wonder Wall didn't write the article. Do you really think a MSN site would bash their own game. The story was on San Francisco Chronicle..

Nineball21123255d ago (Edited 3255d ago )

Guys, it's Associated Press. They sell their stories/articles to lots of diffferent news outlets.

So, yes SFgate will have it as well as other websites... such as this one. I updated the title to make that more clear.

Edit: Thanks for adding that as an alternative source G! Good thinking..

SupaPlaya3255d ago (Edited 3255d ago )

a bit harsh, and not quite in line with the majority of reviews, which score the game in 8s and 9s. You can cry bias for or against the game, but a 5 really is way far off from the norm here.

Seems like the biggest gripe is "nothing fresh", I guess it has to do with expectation. If you judge the game as a fan service, it'll get high mark as it contains some new content plus the old using the same engine. However, I can see why it may fall short as a new game for some people who is not a big Halo fan.

Christopher3255d ago

I do think that score is a bit low for the game.

I do agree with the consensus about Mombasa looking like a Mall at times. I also expected a lot more destruction in a city that just got hit with a huge explosion. I don't know how many times I've seen shots of cars that look like they were just abandoned with all the sirens on rather than actually affected by an explosion of any sort.

meepmoopmeep3255d ago

i think Star Wars is over-rated

SupaPlaya3255d ago

the old ones were great! They are a few of my favorite childhood sci-fi movies.

The new ones however, doesn't have any of the magic. Sucks :(

Majunior3255d ago

People are incredibly ignorant. ODST has a great campaign. Graphics could be better? Yes. "It's an expansion." No. It's as long as any other Halo. I like how all these people are reviewing the game before they even played it saying its bad. Give me a break people for real. Grow up. Play the game and review it yourself since no one wants to rate it legit. The rest callahan09 summed up nicely. Well worth the money for the content. 9/10 it gets from me.

Rock Bottom3255d ago

2 out of 4?!!... OUT OF 4! Really! What's next? a one/zero rating system?

Syronicus3255d ago

There is too much evidence that it is more of the same with too few a changes and was originally an expansion and yet it is released as a retail game. If anything, it deserves a solid 7 for the game itself but due to little/no innovation, it is not a 9 or 10. This might be a little low IMHO but MS needs to know you can't just slap Halo in the title and get full rave reviews.

Perhaps there was no money in the swag bag budget at MS?

jaredjarboe57893255d ago

It's more Microsoft's fault than Bungie's anyhow. Bungie wanted to move on, but due to the removal of an upcoming new Halo game, Microsoft got them back on board to make a game in 14 months. Plus Microsoft increased the price to a full $60 from the $40 that Bungie initially suggested. I hope this doesn't happen with Reach...

Jinxstar3255d ago

Truth is gaming and movie reviews are different. This guy may be stuck in a movie review mentality. here let me show you.

Here is the meta score for "9"
Thats a 60... Some scores going down to 40 and others at 70. the reviewer for this may be stuck in a mentality of movie reviewer. 50% being just below average. In games anything that scores below 90% to most gamers is an epic fail... 360 fans said the same when infamous was scoring around the same as ODST is now...

Not making excuses just saying what might prompt him. I personally think that ODST is not worth 60$ and like I said before I agree with Marcus beer on this one. I think that money would be much better spent on Infamous or UC2 or Dragon age or Borderlands... Plenty of good stuff thats more then 5 hours long...

comm133255d ago (Edited 3255d ago )

LOL that is the best statement ever, before Halo their games were sh!t, they got lucky with MS marketing and carrying over things from the PC to the console, that is it. The only thing they can do is Halo as the name alone carries the title. Nothing new and as "revolutionary" as Halo ever was, will come from Bungie, ever. Hence the very improved graphics and gameplay 2 years later....

At least this review has an honest opinion of the author.

MNicholas3255d ago

is that, unfortunately, they are never judged on their own merits. I have difficulty believing that this game deserves such a low score.

darthv723255d ago

everybody has one and yet the ones with no real interest are making the most noise. Go figure.

If the game got all 10's or 1's doesnt affect my choice to purchase. this is going to turn out like gears 2 debacle. Blog reviews like crazy spoiling things and lowering the score to those that care.

Me, I will just be playing the game while others bicker about reviews. It will quiet down however, maybe when uncharted 2 releases.

callahan093255d ago

Just curious, but I seem to be getting a lot of disagrees, but most of the responses are not actually in response to what I said. What is it that you're all disagreeing with?

paul03883255d ago

Yeah, I really don't think the game is worth the 9's it's been receiving, my brother bought it last night, and it's VERY underwhelming.

But a 2 out of 4?? Now that's cold. A 3 out of 4 (75%)would be more acceptable.

All in all I think it deserves a solid 8. Nothing more.

darthv723255d ago

of those who really want to hate on something they have no interest in.

I hear what you are saying and myself do not have all the previously available map packs for halo 3. I find the value of the total package to be good for me. For those who did purchase the map packs when released on live...not so much.

I am actually not even getting the game for that element or even for the reach beta. I prefer to get the game because it offers a more dedicated experience during the events between Halo 2 and 3 on new mombasa. You figure you are now the one to clean up the mess the MC left behind when he split for the 2nd halo. I like the idea of overlapping stories from the different parties involved.

Some people will hate because they dont realize they have no reason to. Like some people were picked on in school for no reason other than they were different. This game is different and yet is being lumped into the old addage of been there done that. If you really want to get technical EVERY FPS could be lumped into the "been there done that".

I dont really see things that way however.

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Halo3 MLG Pro3255d ago

Wonderwall? What the hell is that? Oh wait, it's written by Associate Press.

El Botto3255d ago

2/4 = 5/10

Top of the flops indeed.

Zedux3255d ago (Edited 3255d ago )

guess there few courageous reviewers out there who haven't been corrupted with MS's gifts and ads money (gamespot anyone??)! Way to go and thank you for your sincerity! This DLC sucks!

tatotiburon3255d ago (Edited 3255d ago )

isn't the Oasis song?, i love it...ps3 fanboys keep the good work, i have my new halo 3 odst copy waiting for me at home

Tinted Eyes3255d ago

PS3 fanboys wrote this? Oh I get it say one thing bad about Halo and your a Sony fanboy. Got it

captain-obvious3255d ago

Sony fanboys love Sony
Microsoft fanboys love Microsoft

captain-obvious3255d ago

"waiting for my at home"

"Waiting for me at my home."

SupaPlaya3255d ago (Edited 3255d ago )

came to the rescue.

Roses are red,
violets are blue,
I love Spectre!

ReviewsArePolitics3255d ago

"i have my new halo 3 odst copy waiting for me at home "

Step 1: Buy Halo STD
Step 2: Tatoo yourself a huge letter "L" on your forehead for everyone to see

Sarcasm3255d ago

Cue the

"No-name website, move along"

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